Everleigh, Gun Class, and Costumes

 Everleigh at home yesterday,
nursing COVID
with a delish popsicle.  
Being sick as a child
really does help with 
a good popsicle.

Look at that beautiful 
Adorable little one.

Julie (TN Tiny Wedding)
treated Vic, Mitzi, Lisa, 
me and herself to a gun
training class last night.

I have attended a gun
class before but they
never went into 
the ins and outs of
how a gun fires and 
what happens when 
you pull that trigger. 
This lady did. Next
comes the shooting part.
Oh yay. 
Guns are expensive and
bullets are crazy in 
cost. Gotta 
check into all that.

LOL....saw this while

Do you dress up on 

You know I do with every chance
I get. 

I dressed up as a child of 
course. We did not have
store bought costumes, ours
was always made from things
around the house. 
I still do that. I don't buy
my costumes. 
There was a break in years
when I did not dress up but
with kids and getting them all
dolled up, I jumped in on 
the wagon also. 
I started dressing up just
to go to work and then to 
take the kids out
trick or treating. 

Then there were the yrs that
I dressed up as a clown
to do bday parties with
kids. HAHA....that was fun.

In my closet I now have costumes
for the 1960s, 1950s and the 1920s. 
Cat outfit, witch outfit, 
Poison ivy costume but 
I no longer have clown
stuff, except the makeup.
The clown costume was
always my fall back.

Now, just how adorable 
am I as a clown?

Over the yrs I have done
different witch looks.

Late teens...

Late 20s.



But how about different costumes
besides clowns and 
witches over the yrs..

How about a plus size

A gypsy ...

Old woman.

Ms. Peacock (peacocks on 
shirt), with the candlestick 
in the library.

Poison Ivy

20s look

Pam Gogh's self portrait


So what have I decided to 
go as this yr.
I am pulling out something
old to wear...
a witch.
This yr I am putting
a different spin on my look
though. I am going to 
go in search (Goodwill)
for a black skirt with a slit,
then I will play around with 
it...I am going to be a 
Witch this yr. 

Course two yrs ago I 
loved my last min
throw together as a cat.

So, have you decided to 
dress up, as what?
Halloween is around
the corner.



Christine said…
Halloween is coming right up!
Liz A. said…
Great costumes. Nope, not going to dress up other than my little witch hat headband (if I do anything at all). Although, I saw a great crocheted witch hat pattern... Debating.
Sandee said…
I hope the little one gets well soon.

Being in law enforcement for 25 years has a lot of shooting involved. Things are very expensive now and often it's hard to find ammunition. It's good to know how to protect yourself though.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Marie Smith said…
No dressing up here but you never know…

Glad your little cutie is recovering at home. May it be quick and easy.
Brian said…
I'm glad that sweet Everleigh is home and doing better. Love the Halloween fun!
Ann said…
I'm not much for dressing up at Halloween but I love seeing what costumes people come up with.

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