Beetle, Hummingbird, and Annual Reunion

 Click Beetle....
never seen one and 
had NO CLUE what
it was but my friends
on FB came to the aid 
of enlightening me. 

I was told if  you touch
it, it will click. 

Check out the hidden
lizard, under the 

Hanging in the backyard
the other day with the camera..
Got some pretty good
shots of my hummingbirds.

So beautiful and

Saturday night I attended
the DuPont Alumni
annual reunion.
The DuPont (my high school)
Alumni Association was
started in 1978 (the 
yr I graduated). Cards are sent
out for a 15 buck fee to 
alumni. This fee along with
money raised during an annual
golf day and other stuff 
goes to scholarships.
Award winning scholarships
go to children, grand children 
and great grand children
of past alumni. 
I must rephrase that last
statement, basically goes
to grand children and 
great grands, since
 the alumni don't have
young kids anymore. 
You see, the senior high
closed its doors in June

The annual reunion is
to honor the students
with the scholarships.

My brother and sis in law,
Kim. My brother normally does
not go to these things, he did
not even go to his reunion that
I went to cause I shot it.
Matter of fact I have shot
this event several times.

Anyway, this is my brother in 
the peach talking with his
wood working teacher,
Mr. English.

Mark (brother) is an amazing
wood craftsman so I personally
love this shot of the two of 
them together.

Tables were set up according 
to classes that were

There were several tables 
of 50s. There was one woman
from 47 but she set at the 50s table.

The 60's.

Of course, the 70's!

and the 80s.

During the annual 
reunion, there are special 
alumni that are 
also inducted into 
the DuPont
Hall of Fame.

James McAlister 
donated his trophy 
to the alumni room at 
the old school.

Past alumni was
also honored.

Great night. Great food.
Great event and 
great visiting with 

With all that said,
it was discussed among
some of us from
1978 that with the passing
of so many class members
we might just need 
a reunion for 45
yrs.  We have a yr 
to plan. 

Speaking on loss....
since the last reunion 
in July of 2018
we have lost 
eight class members,
and two others that 
same yr before the 



Sandee said…
The click beetle is cute.

Love the hummingbirds. We have six large feeders and hubby can hardly keep up with keeping them full. He's makes sugar water right now.

Love your class reunion. I went to my 20 years one, bot won't go back. It's way to far.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Brian said…
I still say that beetle is an alien. Those hummer photos are amazing. It looks like a fun time at the reunion!
Christine said…
Sad about reunion members passing.
Ann said…
If I ever see a click beetle I think I'll pass on touching it to see if it makes the sound.
I like the hummingbird photos.
Darla M Sands said…
You sure keep busy, my dear. :D Be well.

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