Morning and Wedding

 Good morning folks.
The furs and I headed
out to the deck to bring
in the morning.

Was enjoying the peace...
till at 20 till 8 the 
neighbor two doors
up decided it was a great time
to weed eat.
That got the dogs barking
between him and I.
was no more. 
Tad early for me for someone
to go out weed eating
at that time on a Sunday 
Oh well.
Saturday night was 
wedding night. 
Now you guys know me
well enough to know
that I don't or I 
try to not say anything
bad about one of
our weddings....

but here goes. 
Bride was nice to me,
thanked me several times.
But....apparently she had
been rude several times
to Julie leading up 
to the date. 

To the point that Julie
even told her, and take
my word for it, Julie
does this....
Julie told the bride
that she had never been
so disrespected 
by any bride before her.

Julie usually has a gut feeling about
the brides or grooms she
speaks with before
the weddings.
She had a bad feeling 
but went with it 
Usually I have to talk
Julie down when she is
not sure about a wedding,
she gets nervous. But last
night she was disconnected.
I mentioned that to her
and asked did she have a
visit from a body snatcher.
That is when she enlightened
me on this couple.

She had to disconnect to
get through the evening.

Julie has packages that
the brides and grooms 
pick from. Depending on 
the time they want and 
and the amount of guest. 

Two hours usually does
great for the wedding that 
actually only takes 15
to 20 mins and photos.

Our bride wanted three hours
for pics but was ticked
that she had to pay extra
for that time.

Before I was aware of what
was going on with all this
I was helping the bride get 
ready when I heard her
tell the photographer
that she had to pay 300
extra for an extra hour
for photos. She said it at least
three times, and I am pretty
sure it was to see how I 
would handle that but I 
had no clue what was
going on.
Anyway, the photographer,
which the bride had used
before said, "well I have
your back".

I guess I should have
started with the beginning
on this post, but the 
bride kept changing her
mind in the beginning 
on the date, the amount of
guest and other stuff.
That is what set the 
red flag up with Julie
to begin with.

Also, our bride wanted
more than what we
normally do. We do the 
weddings at the pond but
normally we don't do any
sort of set up. This bride
wanted the cross from the 
Chapel in the Wildwood, not an
easy task. Then we wanted a 
table for pouring sand. That 
is never an issue but the 
bride usually takes care of
setting that stuff of the way
she wants it before getting
dressed. She did not
want to do that. So we took 
care of that for her. 

Things were just a tad
tense. I however, go with the 
flow and was not letting 
any of this mess up my
line of thinking on what 
I do.

If all that was not something 
to throw us all off
kilter the bride
was late.
30 mins or more.
My line of thinking on that
is, if you set a time at 
a church with a priest to
get married, you get there.
You are not late. 

Wedding was due to start
at five but the bride
and our photographer decided
to do pics first and delay the 

Getting there late, apparently she
felt that she could tag
that time on at the end
of the wedding.
That is not how it works,
sometimes we have weddings
after a wedding.
45 mins......she and her, 
"I got your back photographer"
took an extra 45 mins. 

With all this said...
Julie will be working
on her gut feeling from 
now on. I have no clue why
she felt the need to go through
with this one cause I 
know that she has FIRED
(what she calls it) the bride
when she has the gut

Just another learning 
event. Her grown kids
were so nice. 

Flip side ~
the wedding I did Thursday 
was different the Lopez
group was amazing even
though there was some
language issues. 

Not only do I try to never
say anything bad about 
a couple, I never mention 
money. I only am now to show
you the difference in 
our couples.

After the wedding standing there
talking to the groom and Julie,
the groom handed me some
money. I laughed and told him
that Julie gets that, and he told
me that he had paid her, this was
to split between Lori and I.
I thanked him and held on to
it till everything was done and 
the family had gone. 
It was 100 bucks and normally
we split with all that works.
Julie however, only 
took at 20, so that was
40 for Lori and 40
for me. Amazing tip!
So sometimes doing this
pays for itself.

For me, when I see the bride and
grooms face, when they are
so happy and they say,
"thank you" and you see 
in their face, they mean it...
no tips are ever needed...
Just knowing I helped to make
that day special!!

Next wedding is not till
Memorial Day.



Christine said…
Sandee said…
Bridezilla and I'll bet money that marriage won't last. It's all about her and I feel sorry for the groom. How rude to think only of her time and not that of the people she hired to do the wedding.

Love the tip you got. We do that kind of thing. It's the right thing to do.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. Scritches to the precious furbabes. ♥
Marie Smith said…
It can’t be easy working in the wedding business. I hope there are more good experiences than not though.
Liz A. said…
It sounds like you don't often get bridezillas. That's a good thing. And it is a good idea to not take every wedding that wants to hire the venue. That was so not worth the hassle.
Darla M Sands said…
Yikes! Be well, my dear.
Brian said…
HA! I was gonna say Bridezilla too, she should run for political office, wants it all for nothing!
Ann said…
There's always that one bride that just has to have her way.

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