Plants in the Yard, Coming Along

 Been watching my iris
for about a week now.
I never realized how long
it actually takes for
these blooms to pop

Looking like this is purple!

I love this next shot.

I played in the yard a bit
the other day with 
the camera.

I was trying not to worry 
cause I try to keep in 
mind that Crepe Myrtles
are behind most things
with the coming back
to life in the spring.
Well, here it is...
my red velvet 

Last yr I planted three
Hydrangeas. Darrin up the 
street works with a landscaping
company and while doing
a woman's yard, she asked
him to take out 
Hydrangea. He hated doing
it cause he knew it had
to have been there forever.
But he took it home and 
got  11
plants out of it.
I took three, other 
neighbors got the rest.

The one below is just one
that I got. This is my
experiment plant.
I put eggshells, coffee
grounds and peels in the
soil to see if it will
alter the color. 

Looking back on the
pics I feel the itch
to take my glass ball
out to play in the yard again.

HAHA.....yet I have
so much to do inside.

Two days ago I took my
room apart and cleaned from
top to bottom. Upon 
finishing, I was worn out.
I now need to go move
the vac and cleaning supplies
out to another room 
Maybe if I do that I will
feel the need to clean
another room!!

Do you spring clean?
One room at a time or
a couple in one day?


Marie Smith said…
I do bits at a time as needed. Never the whole house at the same time.
Liz A. said…
Spring cleaning? What's that?

Nice pics of the yard.
I quite enjoy spring cleaning, I try to declutter (not my strongpoint) and redecorate a bit as I go along. I like to do one room at a time, nice and easy. Love the photos of your flowers, there is a hope of things to come.
Ann said…
I was out in the yard with my camera the other day too. Your hydrangea are a bit ahead of mine but I do have tiny green leaves on mine now.
I used to spring clean years ago, now I clean when I feel like it.

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