Butterfly Painting, Picking and Eating Bday Party

 Back in Nov. I painted
this for a friend that lost
her sister, since she loves
purple and butterflies, I wanted
to put that in the painting. 
I finally saw her Sunday 
night to give it to her.

James' (venue) bday is
Jan. 30th but he likes to
have his bday party later.
Sunday night we had a
get together. A picking and 
eating together!
We had SOUPS.
I made potato.
There was two types
of bean soup. two crocks
of cream of broccoli, taco 
soup, lasagna soup,
and homemade tomato
soup....plus, chesses, 
crackers of all kinds and
Lisa made homemade bread.

Our youngest picker is
10 years old.

He sings too.

There were about 10
players there. These folks
do not ever play together
but it is amazing how
one can start playing
and the rest just jump in.

I am not a picker,
I don't play an 
instrument but
me being me had 
to have some fun
last night so I 
took a guitar. 

overlook the pics, I 
had to snap from
a video Julie put
on FB.



Liz A. said…
It looks like you were having fun. I have played musical instruments, but all wind, no strings. I wanted to learn to play the guitar when I was a kid.
Christine said…
Fun party and a lovely comforting painting.
BeachGypsy said…
Love the fun pictures and that adorable little tiny guitar! I see a banjo picker....I love banjo music. My Great Pa-Paw played banjo. Oh a soup supper sounds DELICOUS!! I love to make soups in my crock pot and yes, I do use mine many days a week for soups, stews, spaghetti sauce and all kinds of stuff. Yesterday you mentioned THAT TACO SOUP......oh my gosh I had never heard of taco soup, ate taco soup, or made taco soup. Then you put that recipe up sometime last year I think it was.....we LOVE IT AND now I make it all the time. We put sour cream and fritoes on top. Happy weekend!
Ann said…
Very nice painting. I bet your friend appreciated it.
That party sounds like fun and I would have had to try a little of each of those soups.
Marie Smith said…
So much fun when musicians get together!
Brian said…
The butterfly painting is so pretty! Y'all sure know how to "pick" out a good party!
BeachGypsy said…
PS-- Pam do you know about comedian Steve Martin and his banjo?? He taught himself and is now an accomplished player--- INTERESTING story to look up ......
That is a very nice painting.

Really enjoyed seeing the photographs, it looks a fun occasion.

All the best Jan
Sandee said…
All those soups. I would have had to have some of each. I love soup when it's cold outside.

You're picking and grinning.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Pam. Scritches to all the furbabes. ♥

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