Amazing, Curls and Rollers

  We are coming up on year
two since the tornado.

I had been meaning to 
take this pic all that
time to share.

The house in the lower
left of the pic was hit. It
has only been completely
repaired about six months.

But you see the trees, and the 
building to the right of the house
and behind the trees?
That is our local hospital.
I have found it totally
amazing that the tornado
ripped through the trees,
hit the house but
missed the hospital.
To this day I am still
amazed cause they are right
there together.

When I was a little girl my
mom would roll up my
hair at night. 

She had these really
cool rollers that 
I loved. They were easy
to sleep in.

 I often wondered what
happened to them and I 
actually have looked for 
something like that.

The other day I found these
on Pinterest. 

These are almost just
like what I had. 
Gotta get some. 




Brian said…
Our Dad's Mom had rollers like that! They'd make fun kitty toys!
Marie Smith said…
The tornado was so close by. Scary. Love that sweet photo of you! A treasure!
Christine said…
I remember putting my hair up in rollers! That was before curling irons etc.
Ann said…
It's amazing how a tornado can skip around and pick up one building and leave the ones around it untouched.
I used to get rollers in my hair at night too but I've never seen any like those.
Liz A. said…
We did not do rollers in our hair in my house. Of course, my hair has always had a slight curl already.

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