Decor Style

 What is your decor style?, I think I would
be a hodge podge of
this and that and what
I like!

Not the biggest of fans
'of my 80's style and 
print of couch and chair but
last summer I was in 
need of one and was
planning on purchasing 
new but then there was the
COVID shut downs and folks
could not get what they ordered.
My friend from Ohio ordered
this for her new home 6 
to 8 months ago and she
is still waiting. 
Anyway, when Linda, Chris'
mom past in April I 
bought her stuff. It as in 
her living room and 
never sat on. Like new.
Came with a recliner and 
two recliners on each side
of the couch.
The couch and chair I had
was amazingly comfy, 
but worn. And way to 
soft. It hurt my back to 
sit on it. The back cushions
could be removed and it 
was about the size in width 
as a twin bed. 
Plus, it was extra long. 
My feet would not touch the 
floor when I sat on it.
The one I have now
solves that problem but
I think it is to firm for my back.
And I hate the plaid!

I keep them covered cause
its a tight weaved material
that will pic and hairs will
get embedded in it....
plus is covers the plaid!


The table next to it is
not really an end table 
but that again, I do the different.
This table belonged to my
granny. My mom had it since
granny has been gone and I was
28. It sat in the garage next
to her
washer and she kept
her liquid detergent and 
fabric softener on it.
The tops was a mess. 
I took it and redid it after
mom was gone. 

I love my fireplace heater I 
just need to get Jerry over
he to fix it so I can use it.

Plus I really love my
chest, this was moms
and I redid it for my living
room. I did use it as a coffee
table but to be honest,
I don't like coffee tables.
For me, they collect too much
stuff and they are best for 
propping your feet up.
Now it holds my TV.

As you see it also looks
like I run a cat
day care in my living room.

The girls love the sun puddles
from the side window on
their tree.

This was a piece I built several
years ago so that Lily
could eat up away from 
Dakota stealing her food.

Basically two shutters, and two 
shelves. I had it in the 
kitchen with a small Christmas
tree on it but I moved it back
in the living room so the 
girls could look out the 
BIG window. 
This is where Lily was
looking out and watching the 
deer right below her
as the at in the bushes and 
out of the bird feeder. 

I have never been a person
that needed really nice stuff,
I like buying used and redoing.
I like just being comfy
in my home. Mom had the living
room, kitchen, dining room and hall
painted about a yr before her passing.
The BR upstairs is in 
good shape but I need
to get on painting
the small bedroom and 
my room. I still have not
decorative my room and 
I have been here going on 
two yrs....

What is your style of decor?


Jeanie said…
My style is eclectic, casual, warm, and too much stuff!
Sandee said…
I don't know what my style is, but less is more. I think we learned that with our boat and then it started happening with our home. It's a good thing for us.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Scritches to all the furbabes and a big hug to you. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
You should see the cat furniture and toys scattered about our house, upstairs and down! lol I'm with you on the plaid. I'm sure you could bring together materials to cover it all and suit your style.


For me, the word eclectic says it best. Or maybe that would be 'mess'. Ha!

Take care!
Christine said…
I think you have an eclectic style I am contemporary
I don't know what style you would call our décor, it's just what we like :)

All the best Jan
Ann said…
I've always been very eclectic in my style. When I see something I don't think of whether it will match what I have I just know I like it.
Brian said…
Everything sure looks nice. Our decor style is Early Clutter!
Martha said…
I just like casual and comfortable too. :)
Liz A. said…
Whatever works, right? Sometimes comfort or convenience is more important than style. If I ever got to actually decorating... I don't know if I'd know what to call my style.

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