Box Projects and a Painting


I have been wanting to 
make a cup holder
for Amber, who host
Thanksgiving and 
a Christmas get together.

The other day it hit
me that as of yet, I have
not made one. I was went
to Hobby Lobby and found this box.
Box was 6.99.
I weighted the buying or
making on my part and 
decided this time I would buy.

Took it home, burned the words in 
it and stained it. I sealed the 
stained area. I did not stain
or seal the inside since cups
would be in it. 

Big enough for two section
of cups and Sharpies still
slide in.

While letting the sealer
dry I painted.

Krystal lost her sis over
a yr ago and when I visited
their new home last month we
talked about her sis.
She loved purple and
of course butterflies
like Cardinals are a sign
of family visiting. 

I decided then I would 
paint Krystal a pic.
Above is what I came up
I have never painted like
this but thought it 
was worth a try.
Krystal loves it so
last night I shared,
via chat on FB that it
was hers. She cried 
happy tears. 

Once I was in the craftroom 
the other night playing with 
cup holders and painting
I realized that I did not
have 11x17 canvas and
I am hosting a paint party
in my home around the
Christmas tree this Sunday. 
I headed to the Hobby again....
and got canvas. Needing to 
stop here and there for things
I hit the GW in Mt Juliet. 
I found this.

Now you all know that
I think out side of the box
a lot of the time...
But in this case I was
keeping it in this 
What the heck am I talking about.
I looked at how to 
repurpose this item.

Well, now is that not just perfect?
It is originally a desk item
with two slots for papers,
and three for pens and 
In this case two places
for paper plates
and three for silverware.
Bam, five bucks. 

I brought it home and 
scrubbed it down, I 
put shelve liner in 
the bottom of each slot
and its a way to hold
Thanksgiving plates
and silverware. 

Other then scrubbing it
clean, I did nothing. 
Great non consuming
project that will come
in handy!




Sandee said…
Love the painting the very best. Purple and a beautiful butterfly.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Liz A. said…
Gorgeous painting.
Darla M Sands said…
You're so gifted and caring. ~hugs~ Be well, my dear.
You are so talented and I love that painiting, very pretty!
Christine said…
Lovely painting!
Ann said…
Love all your projects. That painting is really pretty.
Jeanie said…
Very clever repurposing and I love the drink cup holder. What a great idea!
Rain said…
I love how you repurpose things Pam! The cup holder looks great and that butterfly is so beautiful!! ♥
A lovely painting.

All the best Jan
BeachGypsy said…
Pam those boxes are a great idea! Looks are very good at the crafty things! Love seeing the things you make/re-do/paint etc. Hope your week has been great!
BeachGypsy said…
those boxes are a great idea! They look great. You are so good at the crafty stuff! Hope your week is starting out great! Many weddings during the Holiday season?

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