Witchy Coffee and the 2nd Wedding

This was Saturday morning.. 

Woke with a fall headache 
but the witchy cup of coffee helped.

Wedding number
two for the 

Bride, groom, Paula, 
Julie, Lisa and I.

I don't have another
wedding till
the 19th. Then
I have four more for the
month unless more come

In 2014 I shot my
last large wedding. Stopped
doing them due to my
health. However, I booked
a 75 to 100 people wedding
in Dec. I do not want to 
make it a habit but the money
will be good.

This evening I am watching
some of the buck 
movies I have been picking
just watched one that
left me with more questions...

Called Vanishing on 7th
I really need to stop
purchasing these silly




Red Rose Alley said…
I like your witch coffee cup, Pam. Now, all your need is some pumpkin coffee in there. I like how you captured your living room at an angle, very cool.

Have a good October week.

Christine said…
There is money in the wedding business!
Liz A. said…
Well, those movies are $1 for a reason. Although, you might find one you do enjoy. They can't all be stinkers.
Sandee said…
Love your weddings. What a cool place.

Enjoy your sill movies. Nothing wrong with that.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to all the furbabes. ♥
Brian said…
Y'all sure do enjoy giving those couples their happy time!
Ann said…
Starting the morning off with coffee always helps me even if I don't have a headache

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