Hot Chocolate, MASH and MASH Remake Pic, Caterpillar Winter and Answers to Comments

 Morning Bloggers..
I opted for my first
cup hot choc of the 
cooler season this morn instead
of coffee.


I saw this on FB and being
a fan of MASH at the time
it caught my attention.
The caption only read...

A group of kids recreated the “MASH” cast photo!

No clue about anything else with
the pic.
However, amazing on the details.
The head tilts, the clothes, the smiles,
the hat tilts...
Only big difference I see would
be in the kid playing Alan Alda..
Head not turned just right
and the smile is not as big.


Also, saw this on FB.

I have not seen any so 
I sent a message out on 
FB asking if any friends have
seen any.
A friend said he has seen three...
all BLACK.
Well now I am concerned, no 
blacks in this pic but does
the black mean a harsher then
harsh winter???
Ah, hell.
I even am trying to remember
to pick up rock salt for the
deck and walkways here
at the house, just in case!

Now lets venture off to 
your questions and replies
on my blog...
Liz over at
stated that she to has 
had to opt to closed in 
regular real shoes!
Yep, I even took my nail
polish off and started pampering
the toe nails for the winter.
Letting them breath some.
Not wearing the open toed
out and about now
Liz also mentioned that she
grew up in a home where
mom moved things around 
a lot..
Haha..Liz my ex worked nights 
and he would come home to the
house being all rearranged. 
Got where he would step in the 
door and ask was he in the right
house! I even changed out things
on the walls.
Different seasons got diff
pillows on the couch, and spreads
on the beds.

Ann over at
said she wished she
has someone to visit
Amish Country with her.
If I lived closer we would
do that!
I asked one gentleman
at one store what the
language was they spoke.
Not sure if that is the 
way I should have worded
it but it is 
Pennsylvania Dutch.
Ann also said that she
has never tried stain glass.
I had not, and always wanted
to so I found the cheaper 
way of doing that.
The bag of cut glass I 
bought at Hobby Lobby was
4.99. Grout was a bit
more, I had the frame and 
glass and the glue. 
I totally love it and 
looking at trying a 
different version of
working with glass.

Sandee over at
said she don't decorate 
for Christmas anymore.
I have pulled back so much.
I was even in the basement
"rearranging" things again 
and pulled out my Christmas
trees. I have a 7 footer, full to the
bottom pre lite tree that I have
not used in years.
I am selling it.
I am keeping my green 
pencil tree and my black
tree. Plus, I have several 
little trees that I used
to put outside on the 
closed over porch but
I did not use last yr. 
Just not ready to get
rid of ornaments.
They will be left to the kids
cause most are handmade.

Now, since this post seems to 
be getting longer and longer
I will close for now.
Today, although not posted
on the day of writing is
Tuesday the 20th. I have
another wedding this
afternoon. One on Saturday and 
not another one till 
the next Sat. Then one
the day before Halloween.

That will close out my month.
Looking at maybe taking
a trip to NC into the 
mountains in mid Nov.
Sis in laws, Kim, Lori and 
I for some girls time!

Later gators,

Smile one for me today
and be sure and smile one
for yourself.


I also seen that photo floating around facebook.
Coffee is on and stay safe
Brian said…
Such a fun post and that Mash recreation is sure amazing!
Darla M Sands said…
That image looks like the characters were all de-aged with software but you're right about Alan Alda's young doppelganger. Hmmm... Best wishes on all the weddings and getting your nails and hair in better shape. ~hugs~ I am smiling for both of us right now thanks to you. :)
Christine said…
Oh that hot chocolate is calling to me!
Ann said…
I saw that Mash photo. I would love to know more about it.
Pilar said…
I had my first cup of hot chocolate Friday night when I watched Countdown to Christmas on Hallmark! Hot Chocolate is so good! Happy Sunday Pam!
NanaDiana said…
Isn't that a great recreation? I loved Mash, too. That was a good show. Hope you have a wonderful week!!!! xo Diana
Jeanie said…
Wow. That photo is almost creepy. It looked like the faces of the actual actors -- the resemblances are really striking. I wonder how hard they had to work to find all those kids!
Liz A. said…
If you're not using your ornaments and are only keeping them to bequeath to your kids, why not let them have them now? Have them come and pick out some that they want to take. You don't have to store, and they get what they want. (And if there are any that they don't want, you could sell or do a give-away on the blog or something.) I'm sure you're not ready to part with all your ornaments, but it might be nice to downsize some of them.
That hot chocolate looks good :)

All the best Jan
Rhodesia said…
The last comment left me with a smile on my face, thanks.
I also loved Mash, interesting if they start it with a new look-alike group.
Now winter has arrived I hope to keep up more with blogs, sorry summer was a busy time for me with the garden and the kitchen.
Keep safe Diane
Jeanette said…
I've seen that photo before. Pretty clever! Last year I put my Christmas tree up while my husband was deer hunting around November 15th. This year I will do the same because I really enjoyed having it up all that time!
Red Rose Alley said…
That recreated MASH photo is amazing! They really did a great job! Yaaaaay, your first hot chocolate! I had mine this month also - my favorite, Swiss Miss. I don't see any caterpillars here in the mountains. Maybe they are eaten up quickly by other animals haha I like your coffee cup, Pam.

Have a good October week.


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