Field Trip to Amish Country

 Dawn had a photo session
with someone that
wanted their pic with the
capitol behind them.

So to get the shot just right
she needed a model.
On the day said model
did not put on all her
makeup or do anything
with her hair.


Friday I went on a much
needed road trip....
to Amish Country
with Vick, Mitzi and Julie.

Amish county for us
was over the Kentucky line.
I was going to take my
big camera but it was a
yucky rainy morn so
all pics are shot with 
the cell.

Julie bought some
pumpkin spice pretzels...

enough said!!

Check out this watermelon.

104 lbs!

All the places we stopped
had out houses, but this
one covered all the bases.

We had a great time.
I came home with
squash, tomatoes, sweet taters,
some bread, spices and sunflower
Course buying for one
was different then 
Julie buying for two.

We stopped for lunch.

Great day. And I was shot.
Left the house at 8 and got home
at 3. I so needed those laughs!

Just 1.5 hours up the road in 
Ky., the trees were turning more
than here at home. Hoping that 
next week or the next we start
to see the biggest change. Esp since
we have gone from days in the 80s
to mid 60s. Love this time of yr
but my body has to adjust. I am 
dressing like it is winter already!
I actually wore closed in shoes
and socks yesterday.

Happy Fall Y'all!


Liz A. said…
I, too, am wearing actual shoes today. And yesterday. Sigh. I guess the weather had really turned.

Looks like you had a nice day out.
Ann said…
A road trip sounds wonderful. Wish I had someone to go with. We have a lot of Amish around here with a couple Amish stores. I haven't been to one in a long time though
Brian said…
That was a fun trip! Our Mom and Dad used to visit Amish Country in Maryland and Pennsylvania.
Christine said…
Wonderful display of produce!
Pilar said…
It looks like you had a great time Pam! That is one large watermelon!
Sandee said…
So loved visiting Amish country when we were in Indiana. Such wonderful people.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Jeanie said…
What a fun day out! I love going into Amish or Mennonite country. You always see beautiful workmanship on the crafts. Some of those jams, though -- I'm not so sure about!
Darla M Sands said…
My big brother lives in the middle of central Ohio's Amish community. I'm go glad you had some much deserved fun and laughs. ~hugs~ Be well!

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