Baby Things, Witchy Things, and Old Pic

 Saturday I picked this up
from a selling down the 
road a bit from me.
Found it on Marketplace.

My great grand coming 
in April is a girl,
Felicity Rose.

I also made a stop by
GW. Not been shopping
there forever but finding
tiny baby clothes in great
condition is a good deal.

This little piece was

Also, 1.99.

And this three pieces for 4.99.
Brand new with tags still
on it. 

All sizes 0-3 months.

Sheri over at 
Red Rose liked my
witchy cup, so I am 
now showing one of
my couple of witchy glasses.

The past weekend was 
so PRETTY that I 
went to the lake.

Looking for a certain strip
of negs the other day at
work I ran across this
Printing office staff.
Left to right is Gladys (billing), standing 
Onna in front of her, order writer.
Since retiring with 40 some odd
years she has lost both legs.
The man standing in the back
is David, he was our scheduler.
He is no longer with us.
In front of him is Debbie, customer 
services rep. Me sitting in the 
front. I was the account clerk
and took care of orders like ink,
paper and whatever. Behind me is
Lisa, billing also. Next to 
her is Carolyn, cust serv rep. 
The lady standing in the jeans is
Michelle, cust serv rep. Since
leaving printing she has battled
breast cancer and is still with us. 
The lady in front with the pink
pants in Ann. She is no longer
with us. 

Even though the print is from 
printing it was located in 
Photo Services cause my
old boss up there took it.
It seems as if I will live
forever in Photo Services!

Maybe its the witchy 
powers that keep me around!


Sandee said…
Love the bed and there's nothing better than baby clothes. So cute.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to all the furbabes. ♥
Ann said…
Shopping for baby stuff is always fun. You found some good stuff.
Christine said…
Great buys!
Brian said…
Your the good witch though, not the bad one!
Jeanette said…
Cute baby clothes and good deals all around!
I see there some great fine, on baby close.
Coffee is on and stay safe
Liz A. said…
Is that picture from the '80s? There's a definite look to the hair and jeans. Although, I wouldn't be shocked if you said it was from the '90s.
Darla M Sands said…
I really enjoy seeing all your photos. :) Those from your past are a special treat. I hope you enjoyed time at the lake. lol Be well, my dear.
Pilar said…
What lovely baby items! Felicity Rose is a pretty name! Thanks for stopping by the blog! No worries 🙂 I just took a break from blogging over the Summer and just started back the end of last month. Have a wonderful weekend Pam!
Rhodesia said…
Wow, what a great memory for you in that last photo. It is sad how many friends have gone to probably a better place, or are struggling with a health problem.
It looks like you had a few good shopping bargains there, well done.

Sorry I am far behind in both blogging and commenting. We have had two short trips away where I have managed to get a number of photos, but I have not had the time to go through them and they are piling up on me. Maybe with winter approaching and less garden work to do I will have time to sit at the computer.

Take care and keep safe, love to the fur babies. Diane
BeachGypsy said…
Hope your weekend is coming along great and you are feeling good. I do love to shop for teeny tiny little baby clothes....they are so sweet! There are not little babies in our family now, so now I buy clothes for my dolls! ha ha LOL. I made your taco soup this week and wow, did it turn out great. Mr. Front Porch loves it too. It feeds us for like 4 nights. So glad you posted that recipe! We put sour cream on ours, and crunched up fritoes. oh, and SHREDDED CHEESE. yum
You scored some great stuff girl. Love the witch riding the paddle board. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Exciting times, Pam. I'm happy for you.
Jeanie said…
Pam, I will never catch up with you but it's fun checking in. great finds, all! Happy weekend!

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