So Different and Sporting the New

Though my blogging you
have probably already
figured out that my
mom and I were 

In looks, maybe not so much.
The gentleman that performed
mom's service told me just
Saturday that I looked just
like my mom. 

My mom was talented at
In school, all the way till
I was out, my mom 
made a lot of my clothes. 
As a baby, she was always
making Amber some of 
the cutest things to wear.
Later, she ventured out in
sewing crafts. 

I on the other hand did
not take to sewing.
I can sew, simple things.
I don't like sewing either.

Mom could not draw, paint
and never ventured out
to do a lot of the things I 
have learned or taught myself
to do.

I know mom thought I was
my taste and style was
way out there.

Mom never wore a lot
of jewelry, yet when 
I as a teen I wore rings
on every finger. A couple
of necklaces, beaded, big
and wide earrings.
Later, when I started wearing
ankle bracelets and toe rings
she called me a gyspy. 

At some point I had my 
second hole put in my ears,
she did not like that.
Then I had a hole put in
my right ear up at the top.
Mom made the statement 
that she would disown
me if I pierced anything else.
So, I did not tell her when
I had my belly button done.

I know mom would have
a BIG fit over
what I had done 
on Saturday.

My very first tattoo.

The first yr after losing mom
was horrible but
making the choice to buy
her home and move back
to my childhood home
brought me peace.

Not only do I LOVE
OZ, the words, "theres
no place like home"
just seemed fitting. 

Oh crap, but I was in a
place to have the tat done,
I was also where I could
get another piercing.
Yep, the nose!
Let me say, having that done
hurt more then the 
tat did.
I jerked back and caused
the needle to come out
which in turn caused
me to bleed like a 
stuffed pig. 
But with that said, I let
the lady continue and 
finish up the job. 

I now sport Dorothy's
Ruby Slippers
a nose stone!

Are you pierced?
How about a tat?
If not to personal, where
are you pierced?
And last but not least,
what is your tat?



Sandee said…
You do look like your mom.

A tattoo. Way cool. Nose piercing too. Good for you.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to all the furbabes. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
Wow! You are adventurous.
Marie Smith said…
My ear piercings have grown over. I don’t wear jewelry, hardly wear a watch. No tattoos either though I like them.
Ann said…
I'm boring. I have not tattoos and each ear is only pierced once and no other piercings.
Brian said…
Such an interesting post. No tats or piercings here, although our Dad does have a hole in his head!
Liz A. said…
I just have the standard ear piercings. I've never been into tattoos. Not my thing. But it's your body, not mine, so you might as well have something that's meaningful for you on it. I'm not surprised you chose The Wizard of Oz.
Pradeep Nair said…
Tattoos? Never felt like going in for one.
Christine said…
Never had a tattoo.
Red Rose Alley said…
That tat suits you, Pam, cause you love the Wizard of Oz. There's no place like home for me either. I hope your nose piercing heals. It was fun to hear about the differences between you and your Mom, and how she called you a Gypsy. I was called that too in school. : )


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