Questions and Answers, and Food

 I saw this post over
Debby's blog
she follows someone that
does these every week and 
I never get on the boat to do 
it on the correct day!
Day late, 
dollar short!

I have copied and posted
Debby's questions so
I can play here on 
my blog....
late of course!

1. What makes a house a home?

I would say family meaning
people but since its just me
and the furs, I have to 
say my family of my
furs! A comfortable
place to lay my head at
night with all my
stuff around me. 

2. How do  you keep your house
neat, tidy and clean? Do you 
find it difficult?

Who said my house was 
neat, tidy and clean?
HAHA....I do find it
hard to do. Funny thing, 
I used to clean homes on the 
side. HAHA....I used to 
clean on my home all
the time. Then I developed
FIBRO. With it just being me
you would think it was not 
an issue but my problem
is not putting things up
when done with them. 
Why? If I cook, I am either
hurting or to tired to clean.
If crafting I don't usually
get the stuff put away 
after I am done. 
Any ideas folks on
what I can do?

3. Are plants important in your home..
or collections, or wall art?
Is there a theme you like
to create?

Great questions. Plants in the house,
NOPE! I have a great green
thumb outside. Inside, they
tend to die on me cause I 
fail to water them. 
Its easier to just turn the hose
on outside and water all
at once. Collections, I have
cut my collections down. 
I used to have a collection of
clowns. I had over a 100 but 
when my daughter and grand 
moved in with me when
Caleb was a yr old, I packed
them up. When they moved
six yrs later, I realized I did
no miss them so I did 
away with them. 
Wizard of Oz stuff..
YES of course but they are
together in a cabinet. 
I have some of my paintings and 
some of my pics hanging  in 
the house. No theme really.

4. What is a typical day/evening like
in your home?

I manage to crawl out of the 
bed, slowly and stiffly 
after usually Lily Bit
wakes me and I go straight
to the BR. Then to the 
cats room to put out
food. I go next to the back
door to the deck, open it a hair 
and then I lay on the couch. 
I take a nap for about an hour or
so....YES, I have always done 
this. ALWAYS.
Maybe coffee, maybe not cause
I am not one of those
I usually don't get moving
till noon. Then I see what
needs doing and I try to 
make a list in my head
as to what I think I 
can do that day and I try
to get it done. However, a lot
of times, I venture off the 
list and start something else
which leaves that thing 

Those were good questions. 

Another found on FB
I am 
Cooked by Dracula 
Because I was Drunk.

Well, he might have cooked
me but I figure this old
body is way to tough
for him to eat!!

You folks know me well
enough to know
that I hate to cook.
But the other night I 
decided to cook
some bacon I bought
and I made some 
egg salad.
That was dinner.
I threw the bacon on 
the grill like thingy
I have, and eggs in to 
boil. Flip bacon
and peel eggs. 
Simple and fast. 

The next night I had roast 

I love these meals. 
Nuke in microwave for
less then five mins.
I made rice and opened
some baked beans. 
Simple and fast.
Clean up is easy too. 

I love EASY!

Do you make these sort
of meals? Are  you all
about making life easy?
What type of meals do
you make?






Beat by Dracula because I was drunk.
Coffee is on and stay safe
Rhodesia said…
Haha I was Beaten by Michael Meyers on the toilet!!!!!!!

I have never bought ready-made meals but that roast looks interesting.

Keep well and take care Diane
Christine said…
Great questions and thoughtful answers.
Brian said…
We enjoyed your questions and answers. My horror movie fate is chopped up by Jason Voorhees while trying to run away, yikes!
Marie Smith said…
Today we had a vegetarian meal. We do that more often these days and quite enjoy it. Rice, lentils and beans today. Tasty and filling too.
Thanks for sharing the Q & A.

We enjoyed fish for our dinner today.

All the best Jan
Liz A. said…
Dismembered by Chucky while on the toilet. Okay, so they did birth month and sign, so that should have made a bit more sense. I think someone wasn't thinking when they constructed that.

I do love a good easy dinner. I also like making something and having leftovers for days.
Ann said…
I have no suggestions for on keeping things neat because I'm bad at putting things away when I'm done also.
I was eaten by Freddy Krueger at a cabin on the lake.
I usually keep several frozen dinners in my freezer for a quick meal. If I cook, I make enough for several meals and may even put some in the freezer for another quick dinner night.
Jeanie said…
My microwave has been broken for six months. Maybe more. It was used in 1982 -- it owes me nothing. But alas, no microwave meals for me for a bit! I loved the answers to your questions!
Darla M Sands said…
Jeanie's reply shocked me. We cannot imagine not having a microwave oven. As for cooking, I whipped up a batch of chili yesterday using tomatoes and peppers from our garden. Yum. But quick and easy is nice, too. Just the other day I boiled four eggs for a fast snack to grab and peel. :) Best wishes, my dear, and our animals make this house a home, too.

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