Lunches, BDay, News and the Rainbow

 Day FIVE of rain!
But at least I woke with it
not pouring this morn.
However, we are scheduled
to have more coming in with 
chance of storms till tomorrow
morning which will
actually be Wed. the 22nd. 

Last week Julie and I 
got together for 
lunch and calendar update. 
That is where we go over
our calendars to be sure
we have things lined up 
for weddings. 

Look at this adorable 
Chicken salad, grapes, crackers
and of course the 
Our drinks are not wine...
haha....Julies is Plexus
and mine was a cranberry
apple drink from Dunkin

Yesterday we did a ladies
Brown Bag.
We were doing these
on a regular basis but
with summer and weddings
we sort of put them on 
the back burner.

Left to right....Me, Megan,
Debby in front, Julie
and Paula. 
This was planned to have
around the pond with a lot
more ladies but the rain,
horrible down pour,
most canceled and left
us with this small gang.

My handsome freckled face, 
youngest grandson turned
11 yesterday the 20th. 

Wow, these kids need to stop

With that, I have news. 
Everleigh is my great grand 
but only through marriage, no
blood. I was told the 
other day that I am 
expecting a
blood great grand in 
April. My 21 yr old 
grand, Caleb is to be 
a dad. 

Moving on...
the rain, which has been 
a steady down pour each
day might be a pain, I
might be able to see the 
grass growing, and the yard
washing down the driveway
but there is a nice ending on 
some days. 
I went on the deck late yesterday when
there was a break in the rain
to let Chey out and this is 
what greeted me. 

In the top pic if you look
closely you can see
a double rainbow. 

Have you ever seen 
a rainbow at the 
end of a rain lately?
It has been a while for me
and my big camera was in 
the craftroom so I 
shot with the cell which
is not as nice as the other
would have been....
but it was still bright and 
pretty and brought a smile
to my face.
The furs however cared
less, they just wish the rain
would move on out! is my night
last night

Could not sleep last
night. Went to bed at
ten, closed my eyes
and BAMB my mind
starting running in
so many different directions. Bouncing from one
thought to another
and back. I redecorated
my whole house, I painted
walls, did accent walls,
knocked down walls,
finished my Christmas
card, painted other
things, finished
Paul Bennett’s sewing
machine cabinet,
built things and
played with the furs…….
all in my head. Finally
fell asleep from total
exhaustion! It hit me
this morn, no more
raspberry coffee after
three pm!!!!

Find a reason to smile
Find that reason to laugh!

Laugh often, laugh
hard and laugh out loud,


Marie Smith said…
We laugh at ourselves a lot around here. Better than crying, that’s for sure!
Brian said…
Lunch looks great and I love your photos of the rainbow!!!
Sandee said…
The lunch looks fabulous. I'll be right over.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Pam. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Christine said…
Lots of news sorry about the sleep and congrats on the great gramma news.
I do like your photographs of the rainbow.

All the best Jan
Jeanie said…
Congratulations on your new blood baby news! And we've had a boatload of rain -- I'm sick of it. I hope yours straightens out soon.
Ann said…
That lunch looks yummy.
You sure were busy while you were trying to fall
Pradeep Nair said…
Double rainbows are so rare, no?
Liz A. said…
I do love to see rainbows. We get such little rain that I don't see them nearly enough.

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