My Boys, Surprise and Thrown

My boys.
First day of school was
Monday 8/2/21.
DJ - 7th grade
Braden -5th grade.
Emmy Lou 
wanted to pose with 
them but she was
not allowed to go to school!

Sunday my oldest grand and 
daughter came to visit.
The boys were with their
dad so I did not see them.
Amber scrubbed my kitchen 
and Caleb took trash out
and laundry to the basement. 

There once was a time that 
I changed this boys

He had to lean down to place
his chin on my head.

Forgotten if I had dug up
a surprise lily and brought 
it from one house to the other...

Took this pic from FB...
it was taken at the 
Garth Brooks outdoor
concert on Friday night.

Can you say...
And the thunder rolls!!!
It was for sure. Concert got
caneled due to the lightening
and horrible rain!

So, I had a first today (Monday).
A first that I hope NEVER
becomes a second.
Cutting the back yard today,
slight hill, side ways...
the mower tossed me off.
Yep, right off on my ass!
Then thank goodness cause 
I would not have been able to 
get out of the way, it righted
itself....and did not end up 
on me. Crap, this yard might
just be more then I can 

Not moving so well but I 
guess tomorrow will
tell the story.



Sandee said…
You've a wonderful family and I'm sorry the lawnmower kicked you to the curb.

Yikes on that lightening. Scary.

Have a fabulous day, my friend. Big hug to you and scritches to all the furbabes. ♥
Love the photos. Hope they have a great school year. How awesome to have the help of Amber and Caleb. Wow, that lightening bolt is something else!!! Oh my, I'm glad you are okay. Take care.
Liz A. said…
Time to hire someone to cut the grass? I'm sure someone could use the work ;)
Ann said…
Oh wow, what a scary experience. So glad the mower didn't fall on you. I made the decision that I wasn't able to mow any more and I'm so glad that I did. I hate forking out the money but they do such a nice job and it's one less thing I have to worry about.
Brian said…
That Garth storm was sure something and goodness, I'm so glad the mower didn't attack you.
Christine said…
Glad you survived the mower.

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