FLying By and Walking

 Barbara Eden
On Aug. 23 she turned
90 yrs of age. 
Wow, I feel like the years
have flown by so fast. 
Wasn't she a beautiful 

Still beautiful.

Talking about time flying
by....check this out.

Oh my I feel so old!!

On Tuesday, guess who
decided it was time to 

We are so happy for her.
She just took off and to 
my understanding she is
still going!



Christine said…
Barbara Eden sure is beautiful.
Liz A. said…
What makes me feel old is seeing the birthdates for the students in the class I was in. 2007. My blog started in 2007. I was in the job I am in now in 2007.
Those were all fun and we always liked that Barbara lady too!
Ann said…
That sure makes me feel old. I remember watching I dream of Jeanie
Hooray for Everleigh
Oh your last photograph is wonderful.
She is so going to enjoy walking :)

All the best Jan
Darla M Sands said…
Class never gets old. :) That goes for you and I imagine for that lovely toddler with her excellent role models. Be well!
It doesn't seem possible Barbara Eden is in her 90's I have two Aunts also in there 90's
Coffee is on and Stay safe

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