Traveling back to 1920

  Wed. night I assisted

in a themed wedding.


Before the bride and groom
got there I took off my
pearls and gloves to 
play with this pic.

I actually looked up 
hair styles and a video
on makeup from
that time. 

Here I am in the car headed
back in time to

that worked the themed

Emily, Julie, and our
newest additon, Paula and

My dress was one I 
had in the closet from
a crusie I went on in 
Pearls from Lisa's yard sale.
Gloves, the long ones that I 
do not have on in the pic
were left at moms from 
a play my niece Holly was
in about the 20s.
Shoes, Goodwill, 20s looking 
style. The netting over my dress
I picked up some time ago
at GW for customes. 
Hair I did up and followed
the video on the makeup.

I made a head piece but
felt it was to flapper style
and did not really
fit my dress.

Got the bride standing 
in the right spot in 
front of the mirror for
this shot.

Bride in the flapper dress
and groom in his
20s style.
So what brought on the 
idea to have a 20s
This did.

The ring.
Which belonged to the grooms
great grandmother, from 
the 20s. 
Groom also wore his dads

I love the shot below.

James was taking
a shot of the couple and I
was taking a shot
of  him taking his

 Even Emily was doing what
Emily does so well.

While the couple and family
were out and about taking
pics the I DO DREAM
TEAM was also taking

A pose by Shelley,
the 1923 old FORD 
(I do the FORD in 
large letters cause the 
other vehicles at the 
venue are Chevy's)....

Get a room.

Had to make James and Julie
stop the lovie stuff for more

We all had such a great time.

Even the TN Tiny Critter!

The tule is for protection
to keep the larger critters
from eating the flowers. 

Now back to the wedding.
Couple was so much

Thanks for stopping in,




Christine said…
What a fun themed wedding!
Julie Tucker said…
I love this blog!
The 1920's themed Wedding was better than I ever imagined.
I hope we get another themed Wedding soon!
Brian said…
That is such a cool theme and everyone sure looked fabulous!
Liz A. said…
The 1920s were 100 years ago! Wow. Great idea for a themed wedding.
Ann said…
What fun. All of you look great
Red Rose Alley said…
What a fun theme for a wedding. I really like your friend's blue dress with the tassles dangling at the bottom. The sign is wonderful. The ring is so special that belonged to the great grandmother. You know, this is my daughters' favorite era. They love everything about it, the music, the hairstyles, the jewelry, the art. You look pretty in your black dress, Pam. That's good that you found the dress in your closet that you kept from 2006. Who knew you would be needing it one day. : )

Darla M Sands said…
How beautiful. Wow. Love you, darlin', and all you do. Best wishes to the couple, too.
You all look amazing! I love the ring inspired inspiration for this wedding. The '20s had such great style!
Sally said…
Awe such a cute, sentimental, sweet wedding. I love the pictures and you ladies (especially my Pam) all look adorable. I'm so glad you're able to do these weddings! Such fun.


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