Questions and Replies to Comments

 I was over at 

Seaside Simplicity

So here we go~
Hope you play along also.

1. Tell us about your blog.
 When did you start blogging?

My blog was started for fun.
I had hoped to feature craft projects,
fun questions to involve others,
stories of my daily life....
I started blogging in 2009.

2. What prompted you to begin blogging?
A friend of mine was blogging and she
sent me to hers to read something.
It hit me then to try and give that a 

3. What was your first 
blog about and why 
did you choose that subject/title?
Oh my gosh, I will have to
flip back that far to find out.
But so that I don't do that I am
going to just say that I am 
pretty sure it was just about
me starting to blog and 
introducing myself.

4.  How has your blog 
changed over time, 
and has it done for 
you what you hoped 
it would do in the first place?
Well, I have changed 
the name, actually added
to the name of it.
Started adding pics, did not do that in 
the beginning. Started making 
my font bigger for older folks like
me who can read it better.
Yes, I have blogged about just about
everything and I hope that I have
entertained folks.

Thanks Martha for suppling the 

Liz over at Laws of Gravity
Left a comment about the bike

mail box that I blogged about. 

Comment was~ had I thought 
about doing mine in the Wizard of Oz
HAHA. Great Idea.
Liz, I had thought of that about a year
when the neighborhood had talked
about decorating our mailboxes
for a contest. However, once
I got my idea together, the person
that wanted to do it did not follow

But for other then a contest, I 
don't think I will do that.
I actually have had several 
thoughts on the box. 
Once was to build a mailbox
to look like a camera.
Another was to paint mine to
show the artist side of me.
Right now....still in limbo 
on what I actually want to 

Liz also asked if the class of 80/81
reunion had a FB page so that 
they could enjoy my pics.
YES...there is always one
set up for the class reunions.
In this case, I was hired to shoot
the reunion so I posted all the pics
on there page. 

Darla over at 

said this on one of my post~

You, my dear, bring humor and humanity to every outing.

Aw Darla, thank you. That was so sweet.
I try. You know I believe in having
fun and laughing.

Dora over at

Thank you to all that
leave such sweet 
comments. Sorry I have
been hit and miss on 
commenting on your
blogs but sometimes
life gets in the way
of what I want to 



Martha said…
So glad you played along! I can't take credit for the questions, they came from Tuesday 4. There's a link on my post. They post 4 questions every week if you want to play along on a regular basis. :)
Brian said…
Those were fun comments and good questions too. We do follow a lot of the same bloggers. We started in late 2007.
Sandee said…
The question and answers sure help your readers know you better.

Love that bike/mailbox. Brilliant.

I went to my 20 year reunion. It was okay, but never went to another one.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Ann said…
I've seen a few blogs who did those question and answers about blogging. I started mine in 2008 and it was supposed to be digital scrapbooking and photo editing. I got bored with that and now it's whatever comes to mind.
Sally said…
I've been more than hit or miss - :)

You always make me smile, and the fact that you are so creative in everything you do encourages me even at me age.

I hope all is well with you, Pam. Yes, I'm trying to do a catch up today.

Liz A. said…
I'm sure you'll figure out what you want to do with the mailbox and show us all of the process when you get there.
In blogging I surprised I still have things to post about, after all these year of blogging.
Thank you for mention my blog.
Coffee is on and stay safe
Aishu said…
It is always fun to go back and see how blogging has evolved over the years. That mailbox is amazing!
Jeanette said…
Hi Pam! Thanks for visiting my blog. It has been my quest this year to get more readers and expand my reading list of which I am happy to add you to! I have to say that is one of the coolest mailboxes I have ever seen! Looking forward to being internet friends!
An interesting read, thanks for taking the time to share.
I think the mailbox is amazing.

All the best Jan
Christine said…
Fun post!
Jeanie said…
I especially liked reading your blog answers! Happy week!
BeachGypsy said…
Are you ok????---missing you!

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