Murder She Wrote and Others

I love watching older shows 
and seeing actors that I have
watched on newer shows.
It will hit me, hey, I know
them, I watched them in 
this or that show. 

Watching Murder She
Wrote, I saw a young
pic of David McCallum. 

Ducky from NCIS.

Tom Bosley is a face
I have seen on many shows
but really did not
know him in Murder She Wrote 
until that young pic pops up on 
my screen.

 Len Cariou
I do not know him as
a young actor but I love
him on Blue Bloods.

Course we all know both
the younger and older
version of this man.
Tom Selleck.
Him and Len Cariou 
prob were not on the same
Murder She Wrote show
but they both did an
appearance at some point
on the show.

Jerry Orbach from 
Law and Order.

And I loved him in Dirty Dancing.
But the younger version I 
can't say I remember him
from his younger days. 

Here are a few names
I am sure you know now
but do you remember them back
on a show that they acted
in before they became popular
for other shows later on?

Rue McClanahan
Golden Girls

Courteney Cox

Claude Akins

BJ and the Bear

Don Most
Happy Days

Lyle Waggoner
Carol Burnette show.

Loretta Swit
Hot Lips Houlihan

This post will be a long one if
I cont to locate pics so now I drop 
to just names...
Barry Van Dyke
son  of Dick Van Dyke.
First remember him on 
Diagnosis Murder.

Petter Graves- Mission Impossible
Shirley Jones - Partridge Family
Lucie Arnaz - Lucille Ball's daughter
Gavin McCloud -Love Boat
Erin Morgan - another Happy Day's 
Chuck Conners - Rifleman
Chad Everette-Medical Center
Martin Milner- One Adam 12
Tom Hllerman - Magnum PI
Herb Edelman - Golden Girls
John Astin - Adams Family
and many, many more.

Side note~~ Chuck Connors
had a son on the Rifleman,
Mark. That is who my younger
brother was named after.

Some of you younger folks
will prob not know some 
of the above shows.
I however remember having
a crush on Chad Everette
in Medical Center which
I am sure was before Murder
She Wrote. I always watched
One Adam 12!!

Wow, the memories.

Have a great day,


Brian said…
We watch mostly older things here since the newer things stink to high heavens!
Sally said…
Yep, I remember most all of them! And, didn't Dick VanDyke have a brother named Jerry? I think so if my old brain is somewhat working today. :)

Angela Lansbury (sp?) I always loved Murder She Wrote. I believe she's way up in her nineties now. Such a great actress.

Tom Selleck? If anyone thinks he's NOT handsome must have something very wrong with them. hahaha

Hope you're having a good Sunday, Pam. I'm lazy as per usual.

Liz A. said…
For the longest time I wanted an app for the TV where when you see an actor you know you know from something, you could get a list of what they've been in. Now with, I have that capability. So many actors...
Not much on T.V. When I was younger I had crush on Greg Evigan who played on B.J and the bear. I get unknown production company to watch dvds and such.
Coffee is on and stay safe
Ann said…
I always loved Murder she wrote. This was quite a blast from the past. So many good shows back in the day.
Christine said…
Tom Selleck looks incredible at any age.
Jeanie said…
These are fun. I saw Len Carious in "Applause" with Lauren Bacall on its pre-Broadway tryout in Detroit and "Taming of the Shrew" in Stratford in 1981 and a few years later. I always thought he was the best Sweeney Todd. I'm glad his career is still going strong!

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