Everleigh and her History


If you saw my post of
pics on Everleigh's bday you
might have noticed that she was
always sitting or being held.

Although Everleigh just turned
two, she is not walking. 
She does stand and she will
take a couple of steps, but
that is it. This little miracle
goes all over,  and nothing stops
her, she just does it sitting. 
And she can move really

The doctors said that she will
walk but it will be long
after when she should. 
As for her hand, she keeps it
balled up, but if asked she
will let go and wiggle her fingers.
She can use that arm also but
generally don't, and although
she can raise it when she uses
it she picks it up with the other.

do not feel sorry for this girl.
She is being taught that 
there is nothing wrong with
having a slow arm, or hand.
The arm in question is 
known as her beautiful arm
and beautiful hand. 

For those that have not
 been reading my blog
back when Evie was born, this
is the history.

Evie's mom was 14 when she
was born. Her dad had just
turned 15 a couple days before. 
The day after her birth my
daughter and I went to visit
her in the hospital. I fed her
a bottle.

She was perfect that I could tell.

She came into this world

weighing in at 

5 lbs and 1 oz.

 After leaving the hospital
the doc on call came in
to check on his
patient and Brayden
and Hannah's world 
came crashing in.

The doc noticed something
that none of the rest
of us did. One side of
her face was dropping
a bit. Thank goodness
for this amazing doc.

Evie went through test
and it was found that 
before delivery via 
C-section, Evie suffered
a mild stroke. 
She was continuing to 
have small seizures that
was not noticeable to
the naked eye.

She takes PT for the 
issues she faces head on
and conts to improve daily.
She takes meds for seizures
that she will be on the 
rest of her life. 
she is amazing. 
Nothing slows her down.
I watched her take a
book she got for her bday
and with one hand, and 
it positioned between her
legs she opened it (heavy
cardboard type) then with
the same hand, realizing it
was upside down, she flipped it.

Mom and dad are great.
Mom just recently turning
16 and dad graduates 
from high school this
coming yr. 

Mom attends school and
Everleigh attends daycare
at the school. Dad pays
for that. Dad takes all
honor classes and has
great grades, works after
school and weekends. He
plans to get a day job after
school and take college 
courses at night on line.
He drives and he spends
lots of time with Evie.

Mom and dad still date.
Mom lives at home with 
Evie, and her family.
Dad lives at home with
his family.

Grandparents, aunts,
and great grands 
( the village that helps
to raise the child)...are amazing
What am I to Evie?
I am her G-Nana!
My grandson says that
stands for gangster Nana..
Anyway, Brayden (dad)
is the son of my
son in law. So there is
no blood connection to
Evie but I love her like
she was my own. 
This world has been blessed
to have her in it.
She shows me that no
matter what you face,
the challenge is never
big enough to hold you
back if you try.



Liz A. said…
I remember when she was born. Glad she's improving. It's going to be a long road for her, but it looks like she's doing well with the hand she's been dealt.
Sandee said…
A blessing she is and she loves you back. You can't have to many gangster grams. Just saying.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Jeanie said…
I remember all that. She'll walk. A lot of kids don't take off till after 2, with a lot less baggage. She is so loved, she'll be fine.
Red Rose Alley said…
Thank you for sharing Everleigh's story with us, Pam. She is an amazing little girl, and has had to deal with many difficult things since she's been born. And she smiles through it all. She sure does look cute with the Minnie ears, and I know how much you love your granddaughter. That's such a cute picture of her and her Mom. : )

Darla M Sands said…
Wow. ~hugs~ What can I say?
Ann said…
Gangster nana...lol I like that. Everleigh is one amazing little girl.
Christine said…
Thanks for sharing about Evie. She is a miracle.
Brian said…
We remember the problems that sweetie had and it gives us so much joy to see her smiling face!
An adorable little girl. I wish her only good things.
Sally said…
Beautiful little girl! Thank you for sharing this, Pam. And, I might add the world is a better place than a lot of people seem to think. Some obstacles in life are more difficult than others, but to those who don't give up it's a wonderful thing.

Sound like Evie has a wonderful village.
Coffee is on and stay soon
Everleigh is such an amazing little girl.
Lots of good wishes coming her way.

All the best Jan

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