Dolly, Jeanette Dorel Elrod, and Editing

If you are fb and you like 
Dolly, you need to check this out.

Friend of mine I met through 
James and Julie. She is a local
songwriter and picker. 
She was also Ms. Senior 
Tennessee in 2019.

(photo by me)
She is now
Ms World Classic
Tennessee Tourism 2021

Jeanette also was an actress in a
show called The Lives of Glitter

Very sweet and talented woman.

Yesterdays blog I told you how
busy I have been. Keep in mind,
busy for me also means trying
to get somethings done.
I have to do a lot of resting,
but once I have this house set
up for me....I will not
be pushing to get things
moved or redone.

I also failed to mention that
I have had a lot of issues
during this time with allergies.
Yucky eyes, headaches, sneezing
and tight lungs.
I keep checking the pollen
count on my worst days
and it is usually low to med.
Finally figured out a lot of
it is that fires in other
states. Making issues in this
bowl Nashville is down in.

On my resting breaks I have
been playing on my computer.

I have not been editing on my
desktop and my laptop would
not allow me to load my fave
program. Well, I now have the
desktop set up in the office
and I played with my fave

Then to top it off I realized that the
program I had been using allows
me to make videos from my
still shots.

But with that, I have not been
taking lots of pics.

Saturday that changed, I
went to Everleigh's bday
party. Those will come



Martha said…
Definitely rest when you need to, don't overdo it. That's a beautiful edited photo of the roses! I'm looking forward to the photos from the birthday party. Have a great Sunday. :)
Christine said…
Geez sorry about the allergies, that time of year unfortunately.
I wish I had more musical talent than I do. Dolly is quite the business woman. I use to suffer pretty bad until doctor gave me a prescription to Zyrtec.
Coffee is on and stay safe
Brian said…
The photo editing looks great and I'm glad you're getting some rest and was able to go to the Birthday party!
Ann said…
Rest is good. No sense in overdoing.
That picture of the roses is so pretty.
Liz A. said…
Oooh, videos. Looking forward to those.
Jeanie said…
I think I have that video program too and I make photo movies all the time, especially for birthday "cards" (although Rick's was 40 minutes -- too many photos!
Sally said…
Just don't forget- take care of you!


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