Busy, Busy and Busy, Printers Tray, Type, T-shirt, Emily and Bulletin Board

Been a busy woman...
sorry for no post and 
not visiting other blogs.
I think I mentioned that I had
been trying to finally get
the house set up where
it flowed and worked 
better for me.
Well, in doing that of
course the whole
house went to hell
in a hand basket. I am still
working and still do not
have a room done as of yet.

You know, its a push sort of thing
for me, then a rest, then a push..
well, I think you get the picture.

Craft/office almost done. I
have a lot of
CRAP...and I used
the nicer word for that.
I have been working weddings,
working in town and 
helping with an estate sale.
Course last week on top of
all that I was on a twice
a day feed at the my brothers

But moving on
After 1.5 yrs I have finally
hung this.

My printers tray..
I only have one piece of 
type for it, the rest of
it are miniatures.

This piece was given to me
by a boss I had in printing in
my 20's. 

It is old. 

My sis in law got me this in Fla.

Had to laugh, she got the exact
same on last yr.

Last weekend I did
a couple of weddings, one
Ms. Emily worked with me.

There is this field of wildflowers
at the venue and all I could
think about was a great 
pic of her with her guitar and 
the wildflowers. Problem was that
while they looked the best I 
was never there with Emily.
However I convinced her to 
get up in there, NOT as far
as I wanted her too (fear of ticks)
and took some pics.
I only had my cell, wishing
I had taken my big camera.

I need to get a video of her singing
to post here. 
Beautiful voice.

Like I said at the first of 
the blog I have been getting
things together in the craft/office, 
still have stuff to do, so no
pics yet. I have two three pieces of
furniture that needs to go.

But with that, I have hung things
up. I decided on what I wanted
my bulletin board to be like.

No tacks, but cute little
clothes pins.

HAHA...left my r out of 

Sometimes the brain moves 
faster then the hands.

It was be amazing to be able
to get down here and 





Brian said…
Sounds like you've sure had your paws full, have fun!
Darla M Sands said…
You're awesome. ~hugs~ Don't work yourself too hard, my dear.
Christine said…
what is it with sis in laws, mine gave me a popcorn popper 2 years in a row, that was a long time ago but I never forgot haha.
Ann said…
Hooray for getting a office/craft room put together. There are things I need to take care of around my house to get it where I want it to be but I just don't have the ambition to get it done.
Too funny about that shirt.
Jeanie said…
Sometimes you just have to stop everything else, pick a project and do it till it's done. So, to you, I say -- "Well done!" That takes discipline. Doesn't it feel good?
Jeanette said…
Having a craft room all together makes crafting just that much more fun! Love the shirt!
Rhodesia said…
I know the feeling of busy, busy, busy, since COVID and not going anywhere I seem to have so much more to do in the house and my blogging has got far behind. Keep safe and stay well Diane
Liz A. said…
Ah well. It's not like you have a deadline. Take your time. By the time you finish getting a room together, you'll be ready to change it. Then you'll have more projects...

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