Breakage, Wall, Holly, Walkway with Moles

 Never fails...

I usually break something

When I get instense in 
doing something.
This poor lamp is a bust!

Here we go!
Wall with decor hung
back up.
Of course dummy me failed
to do a before pic.
But the change is amazing.

Holly worked with me at the 
venue on Saturday. 
When we had time I took
a couple of cell
pics of her on the swing. 

See my walkway of stones?

(pic taken last yr)

Here are close up pics
of my walkway now.

These little crappers
have to go...

My stones are popping up
of the ground where
they dig under them.

This has never been an
issue cause mom always
had dogs out
in the yard. They tend
to keep these critters
at bay.
Chey will not stay out
long enough to scare them
And with four pits in the yard
next door, they apparently
are running them my way.

For those not acquainted with
here you go...
Moles are small mammals 
adapted to a subterranean lifestyle.
Moles are known pests to human 
activities such as
 agriculture, lawncare, and 
gardening. They do not
 eat plant roots, but cause 
damage indirectly by
 eating earthworms and other 
small invertebrates
 in the soil. While moles may 
be viewed as pests,
 they do provide 
many positive 
contributions to the
 soil, gardens, and ecosystem, 
including soil aeration, 
feeding on slugs and other 
small creatures that 
do eat plant roots, and 
providing prey for other wildlife.


The idea is to kill the grubs and 
worms in the soil but
then I have to think 
about Chey. Kill
off what they feed on 
then they move on.


Ideas anyone?




Sandee said…
Here's a link to some suggestions about getting rid of moles. There are lots of information out there. Good luck.

How To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Yard And Garden [2021]

Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, we don't get moles here in the mountains, only squirrels. I wasn't familiar with this critter, so thanks for sharing some info. about them. I hope you find a solution to your mole problem. Your wall looks great with all the decor hung up. You are always working on something creative in your home and around your yard. Love the swing pics. I've always loved to swing, even well into my 30's haha.

Happy July days to you, Pam.


ps.....oh, it's Nel's birthday on Friday, so your wishes weren't belated, just right on time. Thank you. : )
Brian said…
The wall sure is pretty. We don't have a mole problem here with the feral cats!
Martha said…
Moles are so freaky. We had them in our yard at one time but after a few weeks they went away on their own. I hope yo are able to get rid of them soon!
Christine said…
Pesky moles!
Liz A. said…
Breaking things just means you're making progress ;) Sorry, no ideas about the moles.
Ann Thompson said…
That wall looks amazing. Too bad about the lamp.
Those moles sure are making a mess
Our pest are deer, only seen a few mole in my life.
Coffee is on and stay safe
Aishu said…
Moles... Hehe...
DeniseinVA said…
I wish I could help you, but have no clue on moles. Very cute photos of Holly on the swing. Sorry about your broken lamp.
Darla M Sands said…
Our yard is a mess too. Ugh... We use Tomcat brand poison baits, the same product my former lawn care company boss used. But if they die above ground I worry about poisoning other mammals. I keep a lookout and hope for the best. The trick is that earthworms, in particular, are so important. Best wishes on solving your problem. If my ankle isn't broken the next time I mow the grass by stepping in a tunnel, I'll let you know how things are. LOL Be well, my dear.

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