YUM, Golden Trees and Calling Mom


2nd one of the year.
Better then the first.
Sweet, juicy and amazing.
Can you tell I love

Sitting on the deck the 
other evening when I 
took this pic.
I love how at the bottom
of the trees the golden 
rays of sunset are filtering
in. Beautiful. 

Normally I share animal 
related stories on the furs
blog but today I am share
something from last night.
Not for the animal aspect but
for the feelings it involked on me.

My beautiful niece Holly
has a pet sitting gig.

She will come to your home
(in Nashville) and sit
with your pet if you need
to go out of town.

Holly loves animals. 

My neighbor that I met via
our subdivison page contacted
me a while back and wanted
to know if I knew anyone that
pet sat. I gave her Holly's name.
My neighbor Paula,  lives three doors
down and across the street. 
Paula's daughter lives in the 
small town next to ours, about
10 to 12 mins away. Paula was
taking her dog to her daughters
who also has a dog and they
were going out of town. 
Holly was going over to sit
for the weekend.

I let Holly know that if for
any reason she needed me
to call....I never expected
that call 30 mins later on 
Friday night.

Paula's dog got out and ran
into the wooded section 
behind their house. Holly
had chased her as far as 
she could but still lost
her. Taking a big fall,
slamming her face to the 
ground and cutting up her
toe and knees. I grabbed
a flash light and went over.
We searched the best we
could at 9:30 at night. 
You see Paula's dog is an 
elderly dog, has anitexty 
really bad and due to that will
not trust anyone. 

We decided that since she would
not come to us calling, her age
and not in great health, she 
would not go far. Holly called
the daughter who said she was
not surprised and she has done
this before. She held up in the 
backyard of a neighbors before...
But at that time we could not go
into backyards with flashlights!

The sister of said daughter was
coming over to help look.
I finally left at 10:30pm.
Great note, the road I had
been down I don't know how
many times is where she was
found by the sister just walking
in the center of the road. 

Anyway, I tell you all this to say
that while Holly was having
a melt down over this baby
being lost, worrying about
her pet business and being
upset that I was the one
that gave her name to these
folks, my thought was to 
call mom and ask what she
thought we should do.

Yep...it never seems to go
away. Mom was always the 
one to figure out things, now
it seems Pam has moved into
that slot. 
Just a couple weeks ago while
sitting in the living room 
of my childhood home (moms
living room), a thought hit 
me that I needed to call and 
share something with mom. 
There is sat, in her house and
I was having those thoughts. 

Aw mom....we all miss you
so much.




Brian said…
Poor Holly, I know how upset she must have been but at least the silly pooch was safe and found.
Christine said…
So glad she was found, whew!
That watermelon looks delicious, it's so refreshing isn't it.

You take care, my good wishes.

All the best Jan
Darla M Sands said…
I went through something similar with my brother during an out of town visit. ~hugs~ I'm glad things worked out okay. Be well, my dear.
Ann said…
Oh how stressful that must have been when the dog got out. I'm glad that it was found. Hope Holly is ok, sounds like she got banged up pretty good.
Jeanie said…
Oh, poor HOlly. What a horrible experience for her. And you -- you're not alone, you know. But oh, it's quite the startle to realize the calling mom moment.
Watermelons hold the essence of summer.
Liz A. said…
I'm sure those thoughts will never leave you. Glad you all found the dog. Sorry that it was such a trial.
Red Rose Alley said…
That's a great service that your niece, Holly, does. Nel sometimes needs people to pet sit when she has to travel, and this is just what she needs. That's a pretty photo of Holly. I bet you miss your Mom terribly, Pam. Me too. : )


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