The Ballgame


Braden got up there twice
to bat. This is the 
first batting.

He hit the ball hard, got to first 
base but was sent
back cause he tossed the 


This is DJ. My middle

And this Chandler, one
of my adoptive grands.

 Braden up again for 

Hitting 3rd base.

And here he is coming
in at home.

Running up for his

This is Braden's team and
the team they played.

Great news, he made All Stars.
Six from his team and six
from another one. He
was one of the six.





Darla M Sands said…
He looks like he's having fun. :) Be well, my dear.
Sandee said…
Great shots and a great day for Braden. Congratulations. Your boys are handsome too.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Brian said…
Way to go Braden, you're a natural!
Liz A. said…
Yay Braden.
Rhodesia said…
Well done Braden. Great photos. Hope all is well Diane
Ann Thompson said…
Way to go Braden. I always enjoyed my son's games
Jeanie said…
Good job, Braden!

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