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Darla over at
commented to my post
on my niece and the dog
she was sitting for....
You're such a wonderful person. :) 
I wish all your family members and friends cheering
 for your wellness could heal you.

Thank you Darla. If only!!

Jeanie over at
commented on my post
about buying a new couch and 
chair. She stated that she
disliked buying furniture as
much as buying clothes. 
HAHA....I understand that.
I dislike buying shoes
and bras most of all!!

What I did not comment on 
while writing that post
was that very morning my
TV in the living room 
UP and just DIED
on me.

Today I finally drug myself
out of the house
to go to Wally World
for a new TV. 
I had a 43 inch and I 
really don't need anything any
bigger then that. I checked out 
prices on line, and the brand
and size I wanted could
be picked up in the store.
Got there, the only one
was the display one so 
I decided to check 
Target prices on line
or go to Wally World in
the next town tomorrow.

Stopped to grab a bite to
eat when Renee called.
Her hubs, Chris just lost
his mom a month ago and
they were over at the house
packing, cleaning and posting
items on FB to sell.
She wanted me to come by
and get something of 
Linda's cause she knew
Linda meant a lot to me.
Well, guess what, she had
a brand new 43 inch TV...
I got it for 178 bucks less 
then I would have if I went
out and bought one.
Then I asked about the couch
and chair in the living room.
It was mine for 175.00 bucks.
Not exactly what I was 
planning on getting but I 
am not really in the mood to
go hunting for something.

Like new. Never sat on since
everyone sat in the den.
Sats great and I can put my
back on the back cushions
and my feet touch the ground.

The chair is a rocking
recliner. I am not a fan
of recliners but this will
I feel better with this purchase
then a thousand or more
with the furs. 

Could have gotten the 
tables for 175.00 more but
I did not need, plus, I 
don't like having a coffee

So for 325 I get a couch,
chair and tv when I was
going to have to pay
328.00 for the tv alone.
WOW....that was
some awesome shopping!

You see that stump?

Right after mom past two yrs
ago, this tree went down
in a storm. The guy that
cut it up and moved
it for me, took the stump
pretty low but it still
sticks up. So I thought
I would take care of that
issue, I took my 
reciprocating saw and 
cut it up some...well I did
get it down a lot but
not enough. I wore a blade
out and my thumb.

This is my good thumb 
And here is the 
one that I developed
a blister on.
Only this one is swollen,
red and very sore.
I ended up putting 
neosporin and a bandage
on it. This evening it
is not as red or as sore.

I think next I  will burn
that stump....
and the other two also!



Rhodesia said…
Wow you did good with your shopping, a real bargain. We have just removed a stump that has been bothering me for the last couple of years, such a pain cutting the lawn!
Take care and hope you are feeling better. Diane
Liz A. said…
Good timing. And now you don't have to buy a couch or a TV. It's nice when things work out like that.
Brian said…
Hooray for the new TV and the new furniture. Hey, since your fairly new to kitties, never recline our decline a recliner unless you know where both kitties are at. They like to crawl up under there and could get cut in two. Hope you're feeling much better next week.
Ann said…
Wow, what a great bargain on the tv and furniture. The furniture looks brand new. That is the same size tv that I have in my living room and in the basement. Both of my tv's are Vizio and when I was looking at tv in Walmart the other day I noticed they aren't carrying that brand now. They had a few on clearance but that was it.
That thumb looks like it hurts.
Christine said…
sorry about your thumb! Good deal on the furniture it looks good.
Darla M Sands said…
I read posts out of order, so now I'm even happier for you! Well, not counting a blistered thumb. Ouch! And my wish stands. ~hugs~ Best wishes!
Jeanie said…
I hope your thumb heals soon -- that sounds awful. And good job with the furniture. I'm always leery of secondhand upholstered furniture unless I know the seller and you were very lucky to find something in that very situation. Well done (and meaningful). And the TV too! Sounds good to me!
presstfortime said…
Let's hope your thumb's healed up some by now. I've heard cutting notches into a stump and setting mothballs in the cuts helps rot it away. Or just cutting the notches so that over time the stump will rot. Good luck with it.

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