Fathers Day, Bday Party, Tazikis and Delivery


Yesterday was Fathers Day.
Hope you all were able
to enjoy being with family.

 Me, Mark and my dad, 
taken many, many
years ago.

My sis in law, Kim, invited
me over for a birthday 
party for Holly and her
cousin Briana.

Chocolate cake and 
lemon cake.

I brought watermelon.

Holly's hubs cook hotdogs,
hamburgers and grilled
corn on the cob.

Mark could not let them
have cake without
blowing out the candle.

Yesterday I stopped at
one of my fave 
pllaces to eat..

I love their food.
Had the grilled chicken,
salad and roasted potatos.
OH MY...it was
so good. 

Weekend is over, 
its Monday again.
I have a wedding to 
assist on tomorrow...
a quick on, 30 mins top.

My couch, chair and tv
was delivered straight to 
my house and set up.
WOW...that was amazing.
Plus, I asked my neighbor 
if he knew anyone that needed
a couch and chair and he
said he could use one. 
I had him come over
and check it out and he
wanted it. Something told
me he did not have one and 
I was correct. The guys that
brought mine over, helped
to carry his across the yard.
Things normally don't
work that way!



Sandee said…
Looks like you had a great weekend. That chicken salad with roasted potatoes looks amazing. I'm hungry now.

I'm glad you got your new furniture and you helped a neighbor with having a couch. Excellent.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
What a precious family photo. ~hugs~ That party looks fun, too. :) As for things working out the way they did it warms my heart. Not much can make life better than a good neighbor - like you! Be well, my dear.
Jeanie said…
What a nice celebration. With Rick away, we didn't do anything for Fathers Day but I did spend many moments remembering my dad.
Liz A. said…
Looks like a fun get-together.
Ann said…
Happy Birthday to Holly and Briana. Those hot dogs and hamburgers look so good.
How wonderful that they delivered the furniture for you. Nice that you were able to find a home for the other one too.
Hena Tayeb said…
That's wonderful that you gave your neighbor the chair.
Sounds like a fun father's day!
It certainly looks like a fun get-together, I enjoyed the photographs.

All the best Jan

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