Replies to Your Comments


Time to reply to some comments.

Jeanie over at

stated that she had never had luck wintering

over Basil or Rosemary. 

Jeanie, I never really tried it. I left my Rosemary

in a pot sitting in the flowerbed next to the side of

the house. It did great. My Basil was not so lucky,

I brought it in and even though it made it all winter 

it is not looking good. Oregano however did not make

it a few weeks in the house. I sat the pot on the 

covered deck and it is coming back. 

Sandee at

Stated that she did not know what
a Dammit Doll was for....
Sandee, they are a faceless
doll, stuffed with strange
hair. You use them when stressed,
pissed or just needing a release.
You take it by the feet and 
slam the head on the desk and 

Diane at

Said that our iris here in 
the states are different then
hers. She has English Iris.
I am going to have to look
those up and see the 

HAHA...this is what I 

I think we have these here,
I just do not.

Liz over at

said that having a summer
rain did not compute 
with her. Why? She lives
in Calif. and summer rains
are not something they
see often. 
We have enough to share!

Ann at

Wishes she had my gardening skills.
Oh, I bet you do.
I can't grow and love plants
in the house cause at some
given point they yell at me
wanting WATER!
Outside, I throw things in the 
ground and water everyday unless
its not a really hot or 
rainy day. 

Woman who used to live next
to me and I usually gardened
together. What I mean by that
was, I had a truck, in May we would
hop in the truck and go to Lowes.
Load up landscaping timbers
and plants and go home and 
get busy. She would sat her potted
plants in the garden where she
thought she wanted them and 
look at them for a few days to 
be sure that is where she wanted
them. And with that, they would
also move around some
till she decided. 
took my plants to the yard, 
and dug a hole and slapped
them right in there!
Sometimes, every now and 
again I might dig a plant up 
and move it but that 
was only if it was not getting
enough sun, too much...etc.
Usually where I planted it, it

Brain over at

Likes seeing all my pics
of critters. Also, stated that he
hoped I was feeling better.
Yes, thank you. 
Also commented on blood oranges
being so good.
I love them. These I 
bought were not as good as
some I have had but
they are good. 

Hoping you all are doing great,


Sandee said…
I love it when you do these posts. I also want a Dammit Doll. I get it and I sure could have used this when I was working.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Pam. Scritches to all the furbabes. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
Buying tasty oranges can be tricky. Somehow, my favorite sushi restaurant always served the sweetest and juiciest with their bento boxes. Sad to say, they closed down a few years ago. ~sigh~ Be well, my dear.
Brian said…
Those were fun, we enjoyed reading all of those!
Liz A. said…
I'm happy the week is over...
Ann said…
Those English iris look something like the Japanese Iris that I have in my back yard.
I'm not good with plants inside or out. I think everything I have planted in the last few years has ended up dead. I just finally gave up at trying to have any kind of flower beds.
Jeanie said…
It's nice you are in a climate where some things can stay out (if close to the house or mulched) like your rosemary. sssssssI think it's always better to have a gardening friend -- even if you do your own thing. Good motivation!

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