LOVE and Franklin NC



I have been working on 
upping my game on 
photographing at the 
This is one of those new props.
The letters can be removed cause
they are only attached with mini
clothes pins. 
I have it on extra long string
so that I can hang on a 
narrow space or a larger
Thinking the back of the cab
of the truck,
between to trees...etc.

The other day Cindy over
mentioned in her blog that 
she liked going to Franklin NC.
I told her then that I had
been there a few times 
with my sis in law visiting
her parents. 

My sis in law, Lori's mom
was from Franklin NC. 
She was an author. 
Her book was written about
her grandmother and how 
she came to live on the 
mountain in Franklin NC. 
I really enjoyed reading that book
and learning about Eva's grandmother, Lucy. 
Later, I visited and was
taken to the church in 
the book and Lucy's grave. 
There is actually one more
book that followed the 
children of Lucy's.
The books go in this 
The Edge of Heaven
Children of the Mountain
Amazon has both for 4.99
if you are interested. 
I have signed copies. 

Lori lost her dad a few
years before Eva. Eva left this world 
just a couple of years before
my mom. 
I loved both George and Eva
but I will tell you, George
held a special place in my
heart. We were always
joking around and on a 
cruise he introduced me
as his daughter. 
I have been down the Panama 
Canal and was honored
to be able to do it with 
Eva and George. 
Going down the canal looking
out to the banks, George pointed
out a base that was held
military, where he served
some time.

This is Eva and I in Cozumel Mx. 

My sis in law and I.

George, me and Eva.

And this is Lori, me and George's
two sisters. 

As you can tell the curse
was before I stopped 
dying my hair.
I did not stop that till
2008 and this was taken
in 2006.

I do have pics (you knew I did)
of the church taken with 
a small digital camera, however
that was so long ago I 
will need to go to the 
office, hook up the older
drive and locate them.
Have to come in another 

On one of my trips to Franklin, NC
I also met another author by 
the name of
Londa L. Woody

This is also signed. 

If you have never driven
in the mountains of 
Franklin NC then I suggest
if you are around that way,
take a ride around.

There is a road that actually
travels under a waterfall
as you travel up the 
mountain to a place
called the Highlands.

Its called the Bridal Veil 
Highlands is a neat little 
place at the top of the mt. 
Lots of artist and authors
I am told
lives up there. 

Lori's brother took us up 
to a spot on the mt. one evening, 
Wayah Bald Lookout. 
It was so dark and you could
look out off the mountain to 
all the lights below.

Pretty cool.
Her brother also did a lot of
Ruby hunting up on the 
mountains around Franklin. 
He found a lot and had things
made for his wife. 
That is totally cool. 

Here is a good video about 
Ruby hunting

Anyway, Cindy I wanted to share some
of my adventures in 
Franklin NC. 



Brian said…
That was a fun post and we enjoyed seeing everyone and Franklin, NC too. We'd forgotten about the waterfall.
Pilar said…
That is a beautiful waterfall photo Pam! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!
Loved seeing and reading this post about Franklin NC. We went there for years as my inlaws owned a place in Franklin. I loved stopping by old barns and churches and snapping pictures of them. Our children loved seeing and visiting the many water falls in Franklin and hiking. I loved sitting by the babbling brook and reading a book. Fun memories. Thanks for letting me tag along on one of wonderful memories. Happy Mother's Day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Liz A. said…
Sounds like quite the time.
Ann said…
I've never been to Franklin NC but it sounds like a great place to visit
Darla M Sands said…
These seem like wonderful folks. I'm sorry they're gone but glad you have so many great memories. Now I want to visit Franklin, NC. Funny enough, we live in Franklin, Ohio. :) Be well, my dear.

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