Emily ~ Local Songwriter/Singer

Meet Emily.
She is a local songwriter/
singer here in Nashville. 

Sweet young lady, 
beautiful voice,
great personality...
she is going to be
really good working
at TN Tiny Weddings.

She said I made her
feel like a model. 
She is pretty enough to be.
I would love to get more
at some point when the 
sun is not barreling 
down on us, but
I enjoyed this little

Thanks Emily.
Side note....
Emily and her hubs
got married at the 
venue in Jan. 




Sandee said…
Makes even better that she was married here. She's most lovely and perhaps one day we'll get to hear her sing.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to all the furbabes. ♥
Brian said…
Those are all wonderful photos, we'd like to hear her sing!
Ann said…
What a nice addition to your group. You got some great photos of her
Lovely photographs of Emily.

Hope the week is going well for you.

All the best Jan
Liz A. said…
Great pics.
Jeanie said…
THese are terrific photos, Pam.

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