Cute and Fun Pics from Behind the Scenes

  Busy, busy, busy weekend 

and the beginning of the 
week will be the same...
I assisted in a wedding.

These are some cute
pics James took
after the event of
Julie and I.

And James got an
of all of us.

I also took a couple
of silly behind the scenes pics.

Here is one I took 
while standing back
watching the wedding.
A Tn Tiny Heart at
Tn Tiny Weddings.

Then on Friday we added
a surprise to that 

Our very own sweet Emily,
local songwriter/singer
came to play before,
during pics
and after the wedding.

That is me, Julie and 
Emily below.

Emily is going to start
coming and play
from time to time but
she has also agreed
to assist at the venue.

Here is Julie doing a live
post on FB of Emily 

HAHA....another wedding,
Julie doing another live
for ONE of Saturdays 

Yes, Saturday we had two

This shot was so cute.
Taken at one of the
Sat. weddings.
James taking a pic of 
Emily and Julie, photographer
taking a pic of the couple, Emily
playing and Julie posing!

Once we finished up
with the Saturday morning
wedding we sat i[
for the afternoon wedding.

The brides family supplied
an arch and brought it 
to the venue the other
evening but we
moved it into place.

I guess I was tired come
the fourth wedding cause I 
failed to get any funny
behind the scenes pics.

After the last wedding I
headed over to the funeral home
for the last 30 minutes of
visitation with Linda.
Bout to finish up this post,
and start getting ready for
Linda's funeral. 

I have wedding pics to 
post but with four weddings
it will take a few days.
Not even sure right now
when the next wedding is,
but tomorrow (Monday) I 
am taking my friend David for
a procedure, a nerve ablation. This
will be the 2nd one I have taken
him to one. 
Tuesday evening I will be sitting
with Sissy. Sissy has early
on set of Alzheimer's and 
Kriste (daughter) is going to 
dinner with a friend. I had
offered anytime Kriste needs
a break to give me a yell...
so she reach out recently.
Sissy is my ex hubs aunt, so
her and I have known each
other since 1980. 
Looking forward to spending some
time with her.



Jeanie said…
You can tell you all enjoy being together and that's just wonderful. It looks like a very happy work setting!
Brian said…
Those were such fun photos! Y'all really do make it such a special occasion for so many.
Christine said…
Such fun happy pics!
Liz A. said…
You had a "Four Weddings and a Funeral" weekend? (I know, a rather silly way to sum it up.)
Ann said…
All you always look like you are having such a great time at these weddings.

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