Behind the Scenes - Tina and Jeff

If I am not hired to photograph
a wedding at the venue then
I most times am there as the
assistant. I normally
take pics of behind the scenes
with my cell. Recently I
decided to start doing the
behind the scenes with
my BIG cameras. 

Saturdays wedding I had
my BIG camera. 
While the photographer
was doing shots I was 
doing my thing, Grabbed the
brides flowers and boots for
a shot in front of the
ribbon wall.

I love this effect that I use
from time to time, giving 
the old fashion look.

I love trying to catch the
unexpected shots.
Like the bride just standing
in front of the mirror talking
to the photographer and
her mom.

The bride walking
down the Dixie Trail
for the grooms first

Her standing there listening 
to the photographer.

Posing for the photographer.

A shot of the bride and 
groom after the cupcake
eating event.

Catching this shot of the 
bride and groom being
silly for the photographer.

A lot of photographers for 
weddings will use a 2nd
shooter. One for the event and focusing
on the bride and groom and one for 
candid shots of guest and all the little
details. I however have
never used a 2nd shooter,
but I always managed to 
get the shots of the bride
and groom, candid
shots of the guest and I 
always loved getting 
the detailed shots. 
Maybe that is one reason
why I stopped doing the 
larger weddings. 
Lots of running around.

However, I enjoy what I 
do. I love having my
camera in my hand and 
snapping away.




Sandee said…
There's a lot of work in taking wedding photographs. You do some great work and I know it's appreciated.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Brian said…
It's obvious you love taking photos, they really are terrific!
Ann said…
So when you do the behind the scenes photos, do you offer those to the bride and groom or just take them for your own enjoyment.
Liz A. said…
Do the couples know that the venue has a photographer on staff, so to speak?
Darla M Sands said…
You're awesome.

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