Tight Rope, Shelley and Found Memories

 When I was at the park the

for Brian's celebration I saw

this guy walking a tight rope.

He had the rope hung between 

two large trees and it was about 

10 inches off the ground. 

He did great.

This is a B&W shot of

Shelley. She is a 1928 oil truck.  

Sandee over at 

questioned me on my blog 
about Brian and someone
criticizing the fact that there 
was a balloon release on FB.
 Yes, someone did just that. 
I do understand
 there is an issue with balloons 
in the enivornment
 but criticizing on a photo posted 
on my page
 for that event was uncalled 
for. Others from 
that  event might have read 
that and family 
members hurt by it. I hide 
the remark. I have
yet to say anything to her 
but she will be 
given one more chance, 
then I will delete
her as a friend. 

I found some more 
"found memories".....

The below pics were taken back
in Dec of 2004. The Commissioner 
of the Department I worked for was
having her Christmas party and 
she was wanting pics of all
in the department for the 
Christmas tree.
The photographers set up 
the camera, and set the timer
for the pics.
This is Jed and I.
Phil was setting up camera so Jed
and I was just waiting.
I have no clue why
I was cutting my eyes. 

HAHA....boy that mirror
looks rouch from behind. 
And that is a can of glass
cleaner Jed is using for
hair spray. 

Phil made it in this shot.
I was trying to not laugh
in the pic above.
The pic above was a good 
one but we switched it
up and used the one below.
Like is stated glass cleaner
for hair spray and a
makeup brush that is used
for cleaning dust off camera
lens, and the silver thing
Phil is holding is some type
of film holder.
We also did some serious ones.
The above pics were taken back
in Dec of 2004. The Commissioner 
of the Department I worked for was
having her Christmas party and 
she was wanting pics of all
in the department for the 
Christmas tree.

I really don't even remember
posing for the pics below.

We had just gotten our
photo printing machine
and I think these pics were taken
to go in our newsletter. 
If you notice there 
is a big red name on 
the front of the printer...
Cute story goes with that...
Phil is from Michigan, I 
have a very southern accent.
Our trianers name was 
but when I said it with my
southern twang, Phil said
I said it like 
That is how the printer 
got her name. 
I worked in Photo Services
for four years, leaving in 
2008. Of course I went
back as a contract worker
in March of 2019.
Its been fun finding things
as I cleaned out files.
The state of Tn actually
makes us keep paper files
for 7 yrs. However, I was 
clearing out stuff that went
way back. Even further then
my spell there.

Photo Services is a unit that
was started 40 years ago.
With that, the department is
having a coffee table book
printed for our 40th yr. 
There have been about 
15 photographers in that 
time so Theresa (my boss)
has been pulling slides for
the book. Trying to add at
least two from each 
photographer. Also, in the
book she is including group
pics. That is the reason why
I was looking for that 
said pic for the book. 

It was fun locating these
pics and seeing them again
and also realizing that the
still lives in Photo Serv.

Hoping you enjoyed
the look into my
past life at
Photo Serv.



Sandee said…
Love the fun shots. If you can't have some fun at work now and then then you're not at the right job.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Brian said…
Those were really fun photos! Too bad someone always has to put there nasty on in the comments, never called for.
Liz A. said…
Looks like that was a fun photo shoot. Too bad you don't remember it.
Jeanie said…
Shelley is fab! And so are you-- I adore those photo shoot shots. Such fun!
Ann said…
It looks like the 3 of you were having a lot of fun doing that photo shoot.

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