Sweet Comment and Fun Times

Thursday on FB I posted this~

 I have always been a people person, but as the years go by, the fibro gets worse and then the past yr of COVID I have come to realize that I think I like animals better then people. I was walking into work this morning when a woman was walking towards me with her dog. I looked right at the dog and said, "good morning pretty"....then the lady laughed and said hello. I then noticed her.

After posting this my friend Cindy came on and left her comment.

You always know how to put a smile on someone’s face!!! Intentionally or unintentionally!! 
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  • I miss those meetings where you cracked Everyone up!! 
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  • Cindy Jones Hollis
     haha...that was if I could get a one liner in before 
    Chris Ramage
    Paul Murray
  • Aw.....that was so sweet. Thanks Cindy.

  • Cindy and I worked together at the TBI.
    Our cubes were right next to each other. 
    We always had funny comments being 
    thrown over the walls. Cindy is also the 
    one that I took her little Cuties and 
    stacked them up, drawing a face on the
    top one and putting hair on it. 
    • Cindy is the woman on the left. The woman in 
    • the center is Cindy's cousin, Carol. Carol was
    • also the sweet friend I lost back last summer.
    • I knew Carol since 2nd grade. I did not meet
    • Cindy till 2008 when I went to work for the TBI.
    • The other woman is Cindy and Carols cousin, 
    • Brenda. This was the last time I saw Carol, about
    • a yr before she past. 

    Chris and Paul that I mentioned
    in my comments were
    two of the agents I did 
    dictation for. Chris was
    amazing at the one liners.
    Paul was more the type to
    sit and soak things in, but
    when he said something, it
    was funny. 

    Liz at https://lawsofgravity.blogspot.com/
    stated on my blog when I posted about 
    Cindy's Cuties that I must be a cut up...
    Liz, did Cindy's comments enlighten you
    to how I was?

    If not does this help~

    When I was leaving Medicaid Fraud to 
    go next door to the Fusion Center 
    my supervisor at the time told me that he
    was going to miss how it could be 
    so quite in the office then all of
    a sudden I would bust out in a 
    loud laugh! 

    When my bud Phil that I worked with 
    in Photo Services went on vacation he
    came back to EVERYTHING on his desk
    being wrapped in newspaper.

    Not only was his computer
    wrapped, his pens and pencils,
    phone, chair...you name it,
    it was wrapped.

    When it was my supervisors bday 
     in Medicaid I was right in with the
    guys sticking sticky pad sheets
    all over his office. That was not 
    my idea though.

    When Paul was retiring he came
    in to find his office covered
    in plastic wrap

    Not only was all his
    stuff wrapped in 
    cling wrap like 
    Phil's was in newspaper...
     I sealed the entrance to 
    his cube with it also. 

    When my first supervisor
    in Medicaid was retiring I 
    made up a folder just like
    we did on each case.
    There was the intro on
    what he was being 
    investigated on.
    There was interviews 
    done by others in 
    the office who witnessed
    odd behavior, arrest record...
    etc. That is what we
    gave him as part of 
    his parting gift.  

    I can go on if anyone
    is in question of what
    it might be like to 
    work with me but
    I will leave it at this.

    Fun times. 
    Who wants to work 
    with me?



    Brian said…
    That sure would make office life way less boring. Laughter is just the best!!!
    Sandee said…
    It's good to have someone in the office that will make everyone laugh now and then. It's important to our mental health. Now I know that person is you.

    Love the saran wrap. That's brilliant.

    Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
    Darla M Sands said…
    Some folks take things too far on occasion, such as when my buddy pulled out Silly String and stained the ceiling tiles. Heh... But we used to set up a serious haunted office for Halloween. Be well and keep laughing, my dear.
    Rhodesia said…
    I have always preferred animals to people, though I agree there are a couple of exceptions :-)))) Keep well Diane
    Liz A. said…
    I'm surprised your bosses didn't wonder how you had time to do all those pranks...

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