Question and Answer Time

 Play along question time~

What was your first job?
1. Mine was babysitting. I started
at 13 babysitting. It started with this 

She was 3 months old when 
I started watching her. Her name
is Wendy and she lived next door. 
When I was not watching her, we
were together, she was my
best friend. 
We made more trips then I 
can count around the block, 
her in her stroller and me pushing.
Wendy is now 47
and has raised two kids. 

I also cut yards. But my first
legal job was at 16, in the
bindery of a small owned
print company.

2. What is your fave hobbie? Is that
reading, crafting, photography, writing?

My fave, not sure I have just one 
fave. I guess you can say that maybe
being creative is my fave!
I love photography of course.
I love painting too.
I love working with wood.
I love making jewelry.
I love just doing, creating, 
repurposing, redoing and 

Jill of all trades....or some trades.

3. Do you have kids? Grands? Great grands?
I have two brats, I meant kids.

Three natural grands
and four married into 
the family grands.

The one on the far right is my
oldest grand. The one in front of me 
and the one standing to the left of
me is natural. 
The others are my other boys.

The guy standing to the far
right, yellow orangey shirt is Brayden,
Everleigh's dad.

Everleigh is my great grand.

Only girl with all those
guys to look after her. 

4. What is your fave fruit?
I am a watermelon freak all the 
way. Banana's come next.
I actually found a pic
I took with watermelon and
banana's (pudding)..
also a fave.

5. What is your fave veggie?
That is easy, corn.

(pic from internet)

I love corn. Course I do cause
that veggie is the worst for
you. Hard to digest.
Next in line has to be taters!

Hoping you all have a great


Sandee said…
My first job was babysitting too. After that I was a waitress.

My favorite hobbies are reading and boating.

Yes, yes and yes. I've one son, two grand and three great grands.

Favorite fruit. I love bananas, pineapple and cantaloupe. I'm not sure in what order.

Favorite veggie is Broccoli and Asparagus.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to all the furbabes. ♥

Brian said…
Those were good answers, I wish we had some fresh corn!
Ann said…
I guess babysitting would have been my first job but my first legal job would have been for a place called Hot Sams. They sold hot pretzels and drinks. It was in the local mall.
Hobbie would be anything creative
I have 2 kids and one granddaughter
I would have to say bananas are my favorite fruit and broccoli is my favorite veggie
Darla M Sands said…
I'm looking forward to the local farmer's market. They have the best produce including peaches, corn, and melons of all sorts. :) Be well, my dear, and best wishes to you and your lovely family.
Liz A. said…
My first job was the evil toy store (now defunct). I think my favorite fruit is the pear, followed closely by the cantaloupe. Although, depending on the day, those can be reversed. My favorite vegetable is the green bean.
Pilar said…
My first job was at Mc Donald's when I was 16. I was a front counter girl. I love watermelon too!

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