Churches, Abandoned Homes, and Barns

I keep a folder of 
churches on FB. 
This is one I shot 
on my last ride around. 

Front view.

This one is on the same
road that my niece lives

And this was closer
to my house on 
a backroad. 

I also keep a folder
on FB for barns and 
rustic structures. 
I love a good old 

Here is an abandoned home.

On one of the backroads, and 
when I say I travel the backroads,
I usually just go with no clue
as to where they were come out...
anyway, on one backroad
I saw this.

So I got out
with my camera.

Then moving on I found 

This one, I think started as a 
barn but maybe became
a business at some point but
now stands empty. 

These stood next to 
the building above.

I am not sure if this is
a one room home or 
something else.

This building was an 
old store I think.

And back to a barn.
Like I said, I love barns
but I really like ones
that have been painted
and the paint is wearing

Then I added this effect
to the above barn.

This old home is an old home...haha

Let me re-phase that comment, 
this is one of the older
homes in the city next to where
I live. It was also up the 
street from where my 
brother lived. It sat vacant
for awhile after the older
man that lived there past
away. The house was kept but
a lot of the land was sold
off and built on. However,
I have always loved this
house and I am very happy
that it is being redone. 
Can't wait to see it,
bet it will be beautiful.




Jeanie said…
I'm glad they are upgrading the old home. Nice photos, Pam -- especially the churches!
Sandee said…
You and I would have fun roaming around looking at buildings in our areas. I do the same thing, but never take pictures of them. I always wonder what stories could be told about those old abandoned homes. I'm glad that last one is being redone.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
What neat wonderful pictures. I love old barns especially and the churches. When the girls were growing up we used to go to Franklin NC a lot as my inlaws owned a place there for many years. We would always ride around and look at the old barns and the different churches. This brought back some memories. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Brian said…
Those are terrific photos and that last house looks pretty special.
Ann Thompson said…
Love all the pics. That one looks like the old feed mill we had here.
I always Love to see old houses being restored
Liz A. said…
Those are quite some old buildings. I notice you didn't attempt to go inside...

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