Celebration of Life - Brian


Saturday was a beautiful day.
On a day like this Brian would have
been out and about. I know many
a days that him and I rode
around in his red corvette with 
the top off. Enjoying the 
wind and the sun. 

Eric - Brian's son

Brian's best friend
since they were kids.

Brian's older brother in the tan and
one of his life long friends,
Phil Ware.

I met both David (above) 
and Brian 44 years ago
when Phil Ware and my
best friend, Barbara
got married. 

David and Brian's family.
Eric, Jana (Eric's wife)
three of their four
children and Jana's mom
in the background. 

Another life long friend, Gilbert Lowell.

Left to right, 
Steve Barker, Barbara and Phil.
Steve played in a band at
Barb and Phil's wedding.
Barb and I have been friends
for 49 years,

Steve, Brian's oldest brother.
That is Brian's helmet from
when he rode bikes. When
he sold his bike he gave
the helmet to Steve.

Everyone that spoke about Brian
had some interesting stories. Some I had
never heard. Others I had.
From the time Brian was sledding down
a hill, hit a rock and almost bleed
to death. He lost a kidney over that.
To riding bikes with Phil Ware,
David Wilson, Phil Wallace, Steve
and his other brother Allen. 
Wonder any of them lived through
those days.

That was before the Brian and 
I time. Although I was 
Barb's friend, I was not a 
part of the Phil crazy friends!!

Balloon release.

I know this is not a good thing
for the environment but please,
no remarks on that. I had to hide
a comment on FB from someone
who is very vocal and she commented
on them using balloons. 

The celebration of life was
Brain's wish. He did not want
a funeral. He wanted his 
friends to come together for 
a simple time to talk and
What a beautiful day it was.

Brian moved four years ago
to Memphis, two hours away.
He wanted to be there with
his grandkids. 
Here they are. 

He loved these babes so

Miss Brian dude. Love you.




Sandee said…
What a wonderful way to remember and celebrate his life. I've attended these kinds of celebrations and they are bittersweet, but fun too. Remember the good times is far better.

Someone has the gall to criticize balloons? Seriously. Who put them in charge of someone else's decisions? Bless their hearts. Far to much of this going on.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the precious furbabes. ♥
Jeanie said…
When I worked at the children's grief center, every year before summer break on the last night we would have a balloon launch. It was one of the most moving things and the families loved it. I agree, it's not the most environmentally good (although now they do have biodegradable balloons, but I still think they aren't so good.) Still, I wouldn't trade one of those balloon launches for the good they did to the soul.
Brian said…
I'm glad there was a nice celebration of his life, he sounds like he was a special one.
Darla M Sands said…
Just tell that nosy b*tch that they are made from sheeps' bladders. That should blow her tiny mind. ~evil grin~ Sorry. I'm so tired of these people.

The celebration looks like everything Brian would have wanted. ~hugs~ He's someone this world really couldn't afford to lose right now. :( Be well, my dear, and God bless his family and friends.
Ann Thompson said…
Glad it was such a nice day
Liz A. said…
Sounds like it was a lovely time for a sad occasion.
Looks like a lovely memorial service. ((HUGS))

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