State of Tennessee Capitol and TN Tower


The Capitol of Tennessee is located
in Nashville. 
Not only is it a beautiful building
it is on the National Register
of Historic Places. 

The cornerstone of the Capitol was laid
on July 4th, 1845 and completed  in
1859. Both the interior and exterior are built 
with Tennessee limestone from a quarry 
about a mile from the site.  

The pic below is what our
Capitol looked like during the 
Civil War.

The Capitol was the design of well
known architect William Strickland.  
Strickland died five years before the building's 
completion and was entombed in its northeast wall. 
His son, F. W. Strickland, supervised completion of the structure.

Strickland is not the only body
entombed in the walls of the 
Capitol. Samuel Dold Morgan (1798–1880), chairman 
of the State Building Commission overseeing the 
construction of the Tennessee State Capitol, is entombed
 in the southeast corner near the south entrance.

Monuments on the Capitol grounds
 include statues of two of the three
 Tennessee residents who served as 
President of the United
 States, Andrew Jackson 

and Andrew Johnson
. The second President from Tennessee, 
James K. Polk, is buried 
in a tomb on the grounds, together with his wife.
Side note ~ through my mom's tracing the family
tree and through marriage, Polk was married
into my family on my great granny's side.

Couple of pics I have taken
with my cell walking from
parking to the office. 

Diagonally across the street is
TN Towers. This is the bldg I 
work on.

The tower was built for the National Life 
and Accident Insurance Compnay  
  and served as its National Life 
Center until the State
 of Tennessee acquired it on January 3, 1994.
Built in 1970.

The building is named in honor of 
William R. Snodgrass,
 a career public servant who served 
as Tennessee's Comptroller 
of the Treasury from 1955 to 1999.

When I left printing and went to 
work for photo services 
in April 2004, I worked on 
the 23rd floor, however we moved
to the 3rd shortly after. 



Christine said…
Thanks for sharing some of Nashville history with us, and your presidential connection!
Brian said…
That really is an impressive and beautiful building!
Rhodesia said…
A really interesting post for someone like me who has never been there. Thanks Pam. Keep safe and stay well Diane
Ann said…
Both are impressive buildings but the Capitol is very grand.
Jeanie said…
Your statehouse is really impressive. And the lighting in some of these photos is especially beautiful, Pam.
Liz A. said…
Am I the only one that thinks it's creepy to have people entombed in the building? Yikes.

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