Question of the Day, Great Buy and Helping Hand



Me....Tuesday when I read this!

I stopped at Dollar General the
other day and like all stores,
I always search out the clearance

I found this beautiful throw.
Ten bucks, 
marked down to 1/2
off and since it was the 
weekend they were having
a sale on clearance items.
I got this for 3.25.

I went back Tuesday to get couple 
more on my way home from
work....that is when I found
out it was cheaper over the
weekend. However, still
not a bad buy, I got another purple
one for 5 and a beige one for 5.
They went in the Christmas
stash. I will give Amber a 
purple one and someone will
get the beige one.

Stop laughing....I started buying 
some Christmas in Jan.

LOOK what my next adventure
will be. 


Love Thy Neighbor Food Drive.This ministrie cooks meals to serveto the homeless on our streets.We are helping out to gather foodfor the cause.Excited and hoping we do aswell with this as we did the toydrive.
What have you been doing, planning orworking on?


Brian said…
We forgot about the screwdriver thing, we knew for a while then forgot even longer. That's a good deal on those nice throws!
Sandee said…
I didn't know about the screwdriver until I read this and I grew up on a farm. Go figure.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Seriously, I never knew that about a screwdriver. I'm going to have to ask my husband.
Darla M Sands said…
I had no clue about the screwdriver handle. Good grief. Hurray for the food drive! It warms my heart. Around here, I've been trying to do some minor redecorating and spring gardening while constantly distracted by kittens. :) Be well!
Liz A. said…
No laughter here. One year I started my Christmas knitting in January. Easiest Christmas year ever. I haven't done it since, for various reasons.
Ann said…
I did not know about the screwdriver thing until I saw it when you posted it on Facebook.
That's a great deal on that throw. I like the color. Even the $5 is a great price.
Rhodesia said…
I always used to but Christmas presents early but now there is nobody to buy presents for! N's family are in Australia so we only send them money. I have no family on my side left and N and I never buy presents for each other, we just buy something that we both want or spend the money on a holiday - thanks to Brexit that has not happened for a while! Keep well Diane
Jeanie said…
I had NO idea about the screwdriver. I wonder if Rick knows that?
Red Rose Alley said…
'Love Thy Neighbor Food Drive' sounds like a special one. I used to help feed the homeless and would give out meals and essentials to them every week through my church. It was a good feeling. That purple throw is gorgeous, Pam. Great find at the Dollar store. That's a great idea to get Christmas gifts all year to have when the time comes. My sister also finds things for birthdays and such, and gives them on special occasions.


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