Pink and Blue Sky, Food and Temps

 Monday, March 1st!

The evening after several days
of rain produceds a beautiful sky.

Monday I decided it was a sort
of soup day!
Temps did not make it to 50.
So that called for taco soup.

And I made a cake. 
I really have to stop that
but it was calling to me today.
I thought I had my blueberry
bomb cake topped but it was not
to be. I made up a blackberry
cake with wild cherry added.
Good...but not better then
the blueberry.

So two weeks ago Tuesday
we were sitting in the teens
freezing our tails off.
The next Tuesday we
were at 71.
This is me leaving 
work last Tuesday, top and
windows open. 

I hate seasonal changes. 

Anyone of you have a sleep study
Yep, this is so what it is like..
I have had three.

Hoping your March has started
off with a bang!



Sandee said…
Our weather here is up and down too. It's cloudy this morning and very cold. March did come in like a lamb.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Brian said…
That sky is amazing and the soup looks really good!
Jeanie said…
I haven't had a sleep study in ages, but as I recall, that about does it! Gorgeous skies, Pam!
Ann Thompson said…
That is such a pretty sunset.
That taco soup looks soon good
Liz A. said…
We've been pretty steady weather wise until today, when it decided to get cold and rain. But this is supposed to be a one day dip.
That sky is wonderful :)

All the best Jan

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