Tracks, Inches, Church and Wedding Pic

 Do you know what these tracks are, dear?


These were shots I took on Friday
after the snow from the road
as I was going to the store. 

I had these same tracks in my
side yard.
A bunch at the bird feeder where
apparently they stopped 
to eat seed on their morning

We actally ended up with 3.5 in
my area. 

When I got out on Friday, roads
in my area were still covered until
I got to the main one through
the subdivision. The main, main roads
were clear. 
After doing my shopping I
drove past the Hermitage property and
was able to snap this pic
of Rachel's Church (I blogged about
it a week or so ago). 

This LONG baby was hanging just 
outside the deck Sunday while
the sun was warming up the 

Oh yes, let me tell you about my
screen door on the deck.

One night after the snow we had 
another night of some sleet. 
I went to let Chey off the deck and 
I had to push on the bottom
of the screen to push ice pellets
away so I could open the door.
Little did I realize that the top of
the door was frozen. 
The screen was going to get 
replaced in the spring cause it
was a little ragged, just was not
planning on doing it now.

However, on my venture out of
Friday to run errands I ran one
to Lowes. Got a new screen door cause
I knew that come Monday and Tuesday
the temps would be nice and Lily
would not be happy if she was not
allowed on the deck. 

Monday morn when I got home 
from my doc apt. I took the 
old busted screen down and
put the new one up. 
Temps right now on 
Tuesday 11:11am
is 61. Back door is open and Misty
and Lily are hanging on the deck.

Last week at this time we
were freezing our rears off!
It was so cold that to keep it 
warm in the living room, I had
to close blinds and take the tie
backs off the curtains so they
covered the windows. 

Here's a pic from Sunday's wedding.
Me on the end holding my camera.
Lisa, Julie's cousin and assistant 
at the venue, Marie (bride),
Terry (groom), James and Julie.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Darla M Sands said…
I'm glad you got that door replaced. Your fur babies must be, too. :) Thanks for sharing more great photos. Be well!
Rhodesia said…
That looks too cold for me. Glad you got the door sorted out so Lily can go out, I agree she would not have been happy! Take care Diane
Sandee said…
There wasn't a doubt in my mind that you were going to get the screen door fixed and quickly. you can't let down your babies and you didn't.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Liz A. said…
Well, at least the screen was due to be replaced. It sucks when you break a thing that was doing just fine up until then.
Ann said…
Oh no on the door. Glad you were able to get it replaced in time for the cats to enjoy the warmer weather
Red Rose Alley said…
Deer footprints! I would have loved to seen that. My neighbor told me that deer come around right by my house once in awhile, but haven't seen any yet. But my son saw a family of deer on his walk in the woods. It's nice that you got a new screen door. I have been wanting to get one also. : )

Brian said…
That was lots of snow and the deer tracks were pretty interesting!
Jeanie said…
Tmeperatures are so erratic, aren't they? My icicles are now gone and we're to be in the 40s for a week or so. Yay. I love the deer tracks!
Pilar said…
Hi Pam! I'm glad you were able to get your screen replaced. The snow pictures are lovely.

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