Painting Projects


I spent several days in the 
craftroom painting.
I wanted to paint for fun so
I elected to do fun, silly
paintings. Also, I am painting
on some 5x7 flat canvas
boards. I hardly ever use
those boards and I never paint that
small. It is really harder
to paint on that size for me. But
I had fun.

I showed you these the other

(painted on a board)

The next day I wanted to paint again.
This is what I did.

I love the cute paintings of 
women and girls with big
heads and big eyes 
but small bodies.
HOWEVER, that was
a struggle for me.
Never painted that way before.

Next came a silly cat.

Was not crazy about the background
so I added a little something.

Then the next
Yep, three days in a row. 
I decided to paint some of 
these 5x7 boards with 
something I can include in 
my booze baskets for the
group I am in on FB~
Sisterhood of the traveling

I love painting but what will
I do with all these if
I don't give them away...
the Sisterhood is a good
way to have fun and give them
away also....that way
they are not piling up on
me. LOL, I have enough 
stuff laying around.

I looked and looked at the one
below, trying to figure out
what was wrong with it.

Finally it hit me...
there needed to be a line
for the top of the glass
going through the body
and dress of granny.
The way I painted it makes
it look like
she is sitting outside the 
glass. I added that but then
I realized that I need to add
some of the glass color
to the glass. I will do that
maybe today.

We will see.



Sandee said…
How fun. You're so talented. I love the wine ones the very best. I love my champagne.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to all the furbabes. ♥
Brian said…
Those are all really amazing!!!
Jeanie said…
I'm not sure my comment yesterday saying Happy Birthday ever went through. I tried three times and was having trouble with the captcha (which is usually never even there!) and I think I gave up. So Happy Birthday! And truly enjoy your fun paintings!
Liz A. said…
The one with the legs sticking out, where's the second arm? Under the booze? Those are fun paintings.
Ann said…
Fun paintings. I'm still loving the one with the sloth
Christine said…
fun paintings!
Those are awesome!

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