My Friend Brian

 This is Brian. Brain and I dated for a bit. Not really sure as to what year that was. Probably around 2011. 

But I actually met Brain years, years....yep, you got it, years ago!
You see when I was 17 one of my besties got married.
Barb and Phil have been married, 
Over 40 years.
So, over 40 years ago I met Brain. 
If you have not determined, I am the Maiden of Honor, standing
right there with Barb.  Brian  is the dude with the long
hair (which one?...HAHA), Second to the end. 

But years, and years went by. We actually connected on FB. Started
talking and then my school was having a fish fry at one of the 
parks so I asked Brain (he is a DuPonter also) if he wanted to go.
That is when we started seeing each other. 
I have a great love and respect for Brain but even though
we dated, the connection was not there.
However, we remained good friends. 

I was there when Brian decided to adopt Ms. Molly.

For those of you that read the furs blog you probably read
about Ms. Molly's passing last week. 
Oh my gosh, I loved this little girl. Dakota even
liked her. 

So, now I will get to the point of this post.
Brain found out a few years ago that he had a bad 
spot of cancer on his head, years of being in the sun
with no ball cap. It was removed and he started treatment. 
This was right before he decided to move 2.5 hours down the 
road to Memphis. His mom had just past and he wanted
to be closer to his grandkids. 

Brain has been coming to Nashville for his treatments and
seemed to be doing well, until he past out the other
night. He is in the hospital right now, they did a MRI
and CAT Scan. He has a tumor on the left side of his 
brain. I have text with Brian Sunday evening 
and his COVID test came
back negative, so he will be having
surgery this morning. This 
surgery will take the better 
part of the day.  
He has family around and I know he will be well 
cared for. Due to COVID there is not waiting
in the waiting room and also due
to that I can't visit him for a bit.
I will have to go visit him when he
feels it is safe. However I have two
plans in place to hear how surgery went.
One of Brian's best friends David is
going to call me when he hears from
Brian's son. Then last night I was
contacted by Tanya, a friend of Brian's
and I, she is on a group text list
that Brain's son will send out updates, 
she wanted to know did I want
to be on that text. She sent Brian's
son a message to add me. So if
on update notice fails, I have a 
backup plan. 
Asking please, that if you are
a praying person, please shoot
a pray out for Brian, his family
and the doctors.

Please keep Brian in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you, 


Darla M Sands said…
~prayers and hugs~
Miss Kim said…
Brian is in my prayers today. xoxo
Brian said…
Oh dear, that's very scary. Prayers to Brian from all of us here.
Christine said…
Sending prayers.
Kathe W. said…
You are a very sweet friend of Brian's Wishing him a speedy and great recovery. Take care!
Sandee said…
Brian is in my thoughts and prayers, Pam. ♥
Liz A. said…
Sending good thoughts to your friend.
Ann Thompson said…
Prayers for Brian
Dawn P. said…
My prayers for Brian and all his family,praying for full recovery.
Jeanie said…
Oh, Pam, recent months haven't been kind to you in terms of challenging and tragic things for some of your friends. I'm so sorry to hear about Brian -- he sounds like a wonderful guy and of course I will be adding my prayers to those of all the others who care about him.

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