Wonky Heart and RIP

  I love finding little things in other objects, always brings a smile. I saw this wonky heart at the wedding venue in a room divider yesterday. 

I also took one last Christmas themed shot.

I have enjoyed the colors, the lights and 
the music more so this year in several
years....I think I just needed that beauty. 
That brightness. 

RIP Dawn Wells.

Yet another one bites the dust thanks to COVID.
She was 82.

Not sure what took Mrs. Frankie but she left this
world yesterday. I have known Mrs. Frankie
for the last 40 years when her son, Roger came into 
the life of one of my best friends, Julie.

I will be attending the visitation for Mrs. Frankie
tomorrow. Such a sweet and lovely hearted woman.
She was 86. 

RIP Mrs. Frankie. 



Brian said…
Sad losses. Go away 2020!
Sandee said…
I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. Big healing hugs. ♥
Liz A. said…
Pretty pictures. RIP to the others.
Christine said…
Sad losses.
Ann said…
So sorry for your loss
Rain said…
I'm sad for your losses Pam, despite that I want to wish you a very happy 2021.xx
Jeanie said…
I was sad about Dawn Wells, too. Yes, we'll all be glad to bid farewell to 2020. A Happy New Year to you and condolences for your friend.

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