Christmas Day Bomb

 Christmas Day.......and a BOMB.

What the hell? 

Five thirty am, gun shots in downtown Nashville. Police arrive to area and there is a recording on an RV that advises everyone to stay away from the RV. Then the recording states that the RV will blow up in 15 minutes. Thanks to the police for going door to door in this upper buildings to get people out of the apartments. No one lost their life.

Except the idiot that blew the RV.

He could have killed someone else.
And the bomb destroyed 41 buildings.
These buildings were built in 
the 1800's.
Destroyed part of Nashville's 
historical section of  town. 

My heart breaks for those that feel they 
have to kill themselves but it breaks
more for those that decide to do it in 
this way where they can hurt others
Stay at home and kill yourself !
Don't do it where others can be hurt. 

Not only that, he parked in front of
the AT&T hub which knocked out 
my phone, text, internet and later
my TV. 

At brothers house right now!
Will post this and it might be all
for awhile.



Darla M Sands said…
That is terrible. What a waste. Stay safe, my dear.
Christine said…
Heard about this on the news, didn't know the details but I thought of you. On Christmas Day, a suicide, wow.
Liz A. said…
I heard a bit about this. I think the disruption of internet and phone was intentional. Glad you are safe.
Brian said…
We thought of you immediately when we heard the horrible news. Take care up there, our thoughts are with everyone.
Ann said…
Oh my word. How horrible. I'm glad to hear that no other lives were lost though.
Jeanie said…
If it had to happen, I'm glad that the police were able to clear the neighborhood before but what a senseless tragedy. I was wondering about my Nashville friends.
CHERI said…
These photos just make me so sick. Like you, I am thankful no one else was hurt but so much damage, so many buildings that cannot really be replaced. I sure hope they find out his motive...makes you wonder if more is involved than meets the eye.

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