Trip to the Lake

 Wednesday before wedding time, since I was early I jumped over the the lake and saw this guy!

He was just sitting there being pretty. 
Look at the color of that lake! It was beautiful this day. 



After hanging around for about 10 mins I left 
and went to TN Tiny Wedding which
is actually across the road, through 
the trees and across the other
road from the lake.

Now over the venue to shoot a wedding 
for some friends of Julies. 
Those pics will be tomorrow. 

Also....tomorrow I will be going to the 
venue for a chili meal and banjo playing while
Julie, a few more elves and I sat up for our 
toy drive drive thru that will happen on Monday.



Darla M Sands said…
You are definitely keeping busy! And that lake looks beautiful. Be well, my dear.
Brian said…
That lake really is pretty and I hope you get lots of toys at the toy drive.
Christine said…
Beautiful photos!
Ann said…
Beautiful photos. Looks like a very peaceful spot
Liz A. said…
Looks like it was a beautiful day.
Rhodesia said…
Love Grey Herons I have seen a few here just recently. Take care and stay safe, Diane
Jeanie said…
Looks like Harry may have made it to Tennessee. Beautiful photos and what a wonderful diversion!

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