Christmas Decor

 I miss the days that I could pull out the Christmas decorations and have them all up in one day. Alas, that is not the case these days. I moved the chair in the living room over two weeks ago to put up the tree and it did not get done. I did manage to get it up the day before Thanksgiving. 

The wooden deer to the left of the pic I made several, several years ago before I really got into woodworking. 

It took a couple of days to pull off the rest of the decor, between babysitting Misty and watching her to keep her out of trouble, doing laundry and not feeling up to par it has just taken longer.

Yesterday though I got the shelve in the dining room done. I can sit on the couch and see this and I love it. 

I bought the sign after Christmas last year. Tractor Supply had it for 
29.00 bucks but I got it for 6.49.
Got the garland and lights (20 count) at Big Lots. 
As for the hats, I have an obsession I think. I still have a 
few that did not get hung. 

A shot of the whole dining area. 

Sitting on the table is the wooden try I made.
I added lights, purple and silver balls around
the candle holders. 

This lantern used to be in my living room till I broke
a piece of glass in it. The opening is bigger then a 
5x7 and smaller then an 8x10 so I could not 
replace it with frame glass like I thought I could.
I kept telling myself to trash it but I took the rest
of the glass out and thought I would install
a solar light for hanging it outside, or putting
bird feed in it for a feeder but I am glad I did not.

My sis in law, Kim gave me the hanging ball cause
the cat on it looked like Lily.
I added lights and balls and it looks great.

The little candleholder to the right of it was given
to me by one of my agents at the TBI. Its a Lenox piece and
so pretty. The Santa sitting next to the 
lantern was also a gift from the same agent
at the TBI. 
For those that don't know, I paint my Christmas card
in a 5x7 flat canvas board each year. Thinking this will
be year 17, if I get it done!!!

Not really sure where I have them all packed but
here are some I ran across. 

Top left ~ Charlie Brown Christmas tree on
Snopes dog house.  Next to it is 2018's card, a sled with
ice skates hanging on it. Below that is a rein deer. 
The cabin you see next to the deer was painted on a 
piece of log that Amber used in her wedding, not a Christmas
card, just something I wanted to do. Another one that
was not used as a Christmas card is the piece of wood
with the ball hanging from the tree. 

A few years ago my sis in law wanted to go
to one of the galleries in town to paint a pic.
A few of us went together. 

It was a class of three paintings and then
they put them together for us.

I have so many keepsakes from years gone 
by but I decided to not put all that out this year. 
Making it simple. 

Have you put any Christmas decor out?



Brian said…
Everything sure is pretty. We love Christmas decorations!
Sandee said…
Simply beautiful. I love Christmas decorations.

Have a fabulous day and week. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
Your home looks so warm and inviting. ~hugs~ And I adore what you did with that lantern. My decorations are sparse this year. My seven foot tall tree with its hundreds of ornaments will remain boxed in the basement this season. I did bring up a pre-decorated lit skinny tree and am pleased with the cheerful little display. I also spent $20 plus tax on twenty large plastic ornaments and then $30 on a tool (!) to help me hang them in our buckeye tree. Heh... I have to admit that the extendable pole has already proven handy inside and has various screw-on attachments available, so it was a worthwhile Amazon purchase anyway. And right now it's snowing, so that's nice. :) Be well!
Liz A. said…
There's no rule that says you have to get all your decorations out in one day. Glad you're getting it done to your taste.
It all looks so pretty Pam. Girl....It takes me all day now to do what it used to take me a couple of hours to do! WHEW! I do not decorate NEARLY as much as I once did. I do love me some Christmas though. It's my favorite holiday season. I love that wooden dear! But then you know...I love deer too! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Ann Thompson said…
Everything looks great and I love that sign on the shelf. I don't have any Christmas stuff out yet
NanaDiana said…
I LOVE your shelf, Pam. It is just darling and a sweet spot to rest your eyes. I am done decorating, too. First time I have started before Thanksgiving...THIS was the year!
I did TONS of woodworking years ago and all kinds of craft shows. That was so much fun. I haven't been to one in years though. xo Diana
Jeanie said…
I don't remember ever getting it up in a day! But this year, it'll be longer than usual. Fortunately, Rick set up one tree that has lights for me because I was so depressed. It doesn't have ornaments yet -- those are in the basement and he'd never find them! But that's OK -- just the lights help.
Everything looks very nice.

We usually wait until December to put our decorations up but this year they went up last Friday - that's early for us!
They do give the place a nice festive feeling.

Happy December Wishes.

All the best Jan
Red Rose Alley said…
I know what you mean about putting Christmas decorations out in a short time. It seems that it takes longer as I get older. But we still love it, don't we? And your house is starting to look festive and cozy for the Christmas season, Pam. You did a wonderful job decorating. : )


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