Skeletons, Wood Burning, and Inside Halloween Decor

Today ~ Friday Oct 23, 2020

6:47 am the phone rings, its my daughter, Amber. Mom, Caleb's been in a car wreck but he's okay. They are taking him to the ER cause they think he might have broken a rib. I threw on clothes and out I went. I don't care how OK Caleb is, Nana needed to see for herself so I drove an hour to their house and visited with him in ER. I took him home while Amber went to get meds. Dropped him off and got him set up then I went to the store for treats.  Home at 11:25am.

Three hour investigation by State Troopers shows Caleb at fault for following to close. A ticket for that and a ticket no insurance.  Yes, Caleb was at fault but fault also stands with Amber not having him covered on insurance, and also cause Caleb was taking Will to work. Now I have no issues with him taking Will (step father) to work, but that is taking place cause Will had a DIU several years ago and his license was taken away, but all fines have been paid and all that he needs to do and has needed to do was to take the drivers test again. So by putting that off, Caleb was out taking him to work. 

Another bad part to all this, Caleb turned 20 today. 

Happy Birthday Caleb. I am thankful that I still have you in my life, and the fear that I could have lost you today.....

There is this home on the way over to my brothers home that always gets my attention, even when it is not Halloween.  I had to stop today and take a few pics. I love this.

I pulled out my wood burning tool the other day and since I had it still out I played with it last night. 
My Motto, that has even been hard for me to follow the last couple of years is on the top of the wooden box.

This is how all four sides look.

Pulled out all my Halloween decor the other day and got it put out. Little late this yr. 

Gave the outside stuff to Amber but I kept my indoor stuff.

My very first DIY clothe pumpkins I made a few yrs ago. got it, I am in.

I painted the Sanderson Sisters a month or so ago.

I made the wooden block pumpkins a couple of years ago also.

This decor is on the bar in the kitchen. 

Did I spook you?
HAHA....not with this stuff for sure.



Liz A. said…
Glad to hear Caleb's okay. Nice decor.
Christine said…
So glad Caleb is ok. Lovely decorations.
Ann said…
Thankfully Caleb was not hurt. By the looks of the car he could have been much worse than a few bumps.
Love those skeletons in that front yard. So creative.
All your decorations look great.
So glad to hear that your Caleb is alright. That's certainly something to be thankful for. Your painting of the Sanderson Sisters is adorable!
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this, Pam. That looks bad. Just sent you a comment, so it might not have gone through. It was fun to see all your Halloween decorations around your house. I don't have much any more since the kids are grown, but I do put out a few things every year. I hope Caleb is doing Ok. Car accidents are scary.

BeachGypsy said…
MERCY, PAM!! Is Caleb ok?? Is he home from hospital, what did they do? I hated to hear this, right on top of the rough time you've had lately as well. If you need anything at all, just holler, ok?? Please get well and heal up fast, Caleb!!! Hugs
Darla M Sands said…
Oh, wow. What a sorry series of events leading to this calamity. ~shakes head~ I imagine Will and Amber feel pretty crappy about it all and am just so glad Caleb is okay. That looks like it had to be a seriously hard collision. Take care, my dear.
Darla M Sands said…
Oh, your decorations are cute, by the way. Your wood burning project turned out gorgeous! I was just a bit angry over this senseless series of events. ~hugs~
Goodness, so pleased that Caleb is ok.

I do like your decorations.

Take care, my good wishes.

All the best Jan
Jeanie said…
That car looks absolutely frightening. I'm grateful he is all right and sorry about the tickets. But mostly grateful he will be OK. And I can't imagine Amber and Will are not feeling a wee bit guilty too. Whew.

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