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 Hi all~

The other day in my post I shared this pic. Darla over at

wanted to know if these were real legs. Yes, there is a sitting area up there but apparently this person decided sitting on the ledge and dangling the legs over the side. 

When I mentioned that I had gone to my grandsons football game Liz at

wanted to know if I meant a live game. Yes, my county was not doing that as a matter of fact my county was doing all virtual learning until two days ago, I think it was kindergarten up to 2nd or 3rd just went back to school. Next week another group will be going. But back to your question, my daughter and grands live in a county over an hour away and they have been in school since it started back. Games however did not start back right away, but when they started due to timing they only had enough time for six games. There were two of them cancelled due to that county they were going to play had too many cases of the virus. There were a lot there to support the middle school for that game but not so many that we were packed. We were able to stay six feet away from others but I was sitting right with my family. 

Please excuse the way my cell phone pics look...I have been trying to take pics around the community of Halloween decor. Some by holding the phone up and just shooting as I drive by in hopes I get something.

I am not a fan of blowup any things. Although they seem to make some cute things for blowing up in your yard but when they are not blown up it makes the yard look terrible. 

The two above are from another subdivision not far from me. 

This one below however is up the street and around the corner. 

Here is another one from another subdivision.

Check out the two skeletons in the back carrying the coffin.
In the same yard is this small skeleton riding the mailbox.

But in the front yard there is this...
so cool.

Being a fan of clowns I think clowns get a bad name at Halloween. But this is cool.

In the pic below, they have added another skeleton to the mix, It is climbing the fence to get out of the graveyard. 

Another blowup.

This house is down the street from me and the first time I passed it, it was dusk and I thought those skeleton heads in the yard were mushrooms....second take I realized not. 

The next few pics are in one yard.

And yet again, the clown.

This house is across the street from the one above.

I rode out a bit further the other day and saw has to really be my fave so far. Its wearing a mask.

And across the street from the above is the one below.

Now my decor.
It started this way.

I added the basket that I picked up at Hobby Lobby for two bucks. 

And they I located my legs.....

The Wicked Witch of the East whom had the house dropped on her. Here, just a hay bail got dropped on her. 

Saw this up at my daughters house. 

Yesterday driving down the interstate I look in the rear view mirror and saw that my skeleton was waving at folks behind me...

How does the decor in your area look?


Brian said…
Those are some interesting decorations. We hardly have any in our neighborhood.
Ann said…
I haven't been out and about much, only driving the half mile from home to work but I have seen a couple houses all decorated up. These are all really cool.
Liz A. said…
Wow, your community has gone all out.

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